Thursday, 24 March 2011

Summer Meets Her Match

Summer is in long term relationship.  She is unsatisfied with her sex life and her boyfriend in general. After work one day she goes to a bar, looking for something, or just to break up the routine. She orders a drink. And another. Her boyfriend is so pissweak she thinks. Why wont he pay attention to me… She deserves so much more.
 While deep in thought,  a strange man approaches her, he is attractive she thinks, but not her type..   he invades her space a little, leans in and whispers in her ear, “I’ll give you twenty bucks for a handjob”. She is repulsed, she is no whore, ‘Fuck off’ she says.  The man slips back into the shadows, and Summer orders another Stoli. As the vodka begins to kick-in…. Her pent up desire starts to take over. To the point where she is ready and willing for anything. She patrols the bar, and finds the man who asked for the handjob, she leans into him and quietly offers….. ‘You want me to suck it’
She turns away and then heads straight to the bathroom out the back, the horny stranger follows, admiring her tight little ass as she walks… He can’t believe his luck.
They enter the bathroom. She kicks a cubicle open with her heel and orders the man to sit. Drunk and charged, she teases the strange man. Lifts her skirt, shows him her ass, taps on her panty covered snatch, squeezing her breasts, offering up her cleavage. Never letting him touch her.  “Holy shit, you’re a horny little slut” he growls.
 ‘Show me your cock’ she snaps
The guy pulls out a very stiff dick and starts to jerk off. She looks down and sees him wanking, he’s got a really solid, fat cock she thinks. Shit. She asks ‘Would you like me to suck that big dick’. In disbelief the guy just nods. She squats down, reaches out with one hand and takes over. ‘such a fat cock’ with both hands she works his shaft, looks him in the eye and asks again.. ‘you want me to suck it’……. “yeah, suck it” is his immediate response. Normally she wouldn’t tolerate that sort of talk, but she wouldn’t normally be in this situation. She’s overwhelmed with filthy lust. ‘It’s so big’. She grabs it, squeezes it at the base, looks him in the eye and says ‘Fill me up’.      She spits on his crown, gives it a twist and a lick, and introduces his head to her stretched mouth.
He’s big, fills her up alright, and salty. Hot and hard. He pushes down her throat. She lets him. She’s loving it. He grabs her head and forces his dick in even deeper… she gags.. “That’s it girl, take the whole thing… you know you fucking love it”. All the way he pushes it in… tears well in her eyes.  “I bet your boyfriend can’t fill you up like I can” he says smugly. She withdraws his glistening tool from her mouth with a pop. He groans. She smiles. ‘Fuck him’ she says, then carries on working his throbbing beast. She sucks his head hard, then works her way down the full length. He’s right, she thinks to herself. Her boyfriend has nothing on this weapon.
One hand squeezes his heavy balls, while the other works the shaft. Her tongue flicks his crown… ‘Such a fat cock’ she offers. She wants it inside her. She feels a gathering wetness between her legs. She moves a hand to her pussy, and starts to rub. He fixates on the hand as she works her moist slit… “You’re a horny little tart” he says… “I’m gonna fuck you hard”
He pulls his rigid member from her lips, yanks her up and turns her round. He bends her at the waist, pushing her face into the wall, lifts her skirt and drags her g-string over her ass and halfway down her legs. “Fuck yeah, that’s a sweet little ass, I’m gonna enjoy this”. He slaps his hard cock on her cheeks… she’s been waiting to be treated like this. With both hands she braces herself against the wall.. he slaps her ass again and slips a finger inside her… she moans… “Good, you’re nice and wet” he says… pushing in another finger, he stretches her tight snatch. “You sure you can handle this prick”  he asks…. ‘Just fuck me’ her hasty reply.
“You asked for it” he says, positioning himself directly behind her. She sticks her ass out in anticipation. He bends his rock hard cock down, and nudges the tip into her saturated cunt. ‘Ooooh’ spills from her lips…   “This might hurt abit”  he says…. ‘Shut up and stick it in’ she orders.
“That’s it”…. He bends his knees a little, and with one thrust, buries his solid meat, right up to the hilt. She lets out a loud squeal.. he was right. She’s shocked at how much meat she can take. He lets out a moan. Grabs hold of her ass cheeks, grips tightly and starts to pump.
‘Ohhh fuck’ she yells as the realization hits her. “You love it” he’s smiling. ‘Come on’ she says…. ‘Fuck me’
He tightens his grip even further and really starts to give it to her. Plunging the full length in and out at pace. ‘OOhh Fuuuck’ she crys, oblivious to everything else around her. He pushes in harder and faster, with a sublime machine like rythym. “Such a tight little pussy”
In and out he drives his long cock… his thrusts becoming more furious. He plunges in hard and stops abruptly… his swollen prick finding new parts of her. He leans over her and grabs both her tits with one large hand, squeezing. With his other hand he grabs her hair, and growls into her ear…. “Here we go”   He pulls his dick out, so just the tip is inside, and pauses. “I want to hear you cum”…  Her excitement grows, she can feel it growing in her belly and legs. He grips her hair, pulls her head back and slams his cock back in, hard. Her face smacks up against the walls.  ‘Ooooowww’ she exclaims…. “Little slut, take it”    he groans. Pumping hard now, his sweat mingles with her juices…… “So fucking wet”        ‘Aaaahhhhh’ she squeals… she’s never been fucked like this…. Her thoughts turn to her boyfriend and how pathetic he is. If only she could take this strange man home, and fuck like this forever. ‘Yeeeessss’ she says as her concentration goes back to the sensations her body is receiving…. ‘Fuck me’
He starts grunting, a primal noise, as he rams his cock in. Faster, harder. In and out. She cant concentrate…. Her thoughts are erratic and filthy. He moves his hand from her tits, and plants it firmly on her pussy… his fingers find her clit, and he pushes the button. His pumping doesn’t stop, with each thrust he rubs her firm nub… she’s losing herself…. Ecstasy takes over. All she can hear is the slapping of his body as he hits her cheeks. ‘OOhhhh Yeeessss’ she’s howling. “Dirty... little... slut” He hammers away. She feels it, welling up, her legs going weak, they start to shake…. He pulls her hair back harder, throwing his cock in deeper still.
‘OOOOhhhhhh FFuuuucckkk’    it’s coming.
“Yeah that’s it babe”
He keeps his furious pace, working her clit and hole, sweat rolls down his torso, mixing with their sex, contributing further to the sucking and slapping. She loses all control and lets out a wail…   her shaking turns to a shudder…. She’s like a rag doll convulsing on his dick… Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body as hot cum gushes from her pussy… she’s never cum like this before… it seems to go on forever. ‘AAAHHHHH’
His pumping slows as the last remnants of her orgasm ripple through her limp body. Puppy like wimperings spill from her lips, she’s dazed. He pulls out of her, and rests her on the toilet seat, facing him. She’s spent. He rips her shirt open, exposing her perfect breasts… and starts jerking off… “I’m gonna cum on your tits” he says…    
Still unable to move, she’s transfixed with his cock. Its redness. It’s size. He works it well, purposefully from base to tip, and fast.  He’s ready to pop. ‘Such.. a fat.. cock’ she says. He starts to groan…. ‘Come on’ she pleads…
“Aaarrrgghh” he starts shooting streams of hot spunk all over her chest and neck. She’s never seen so much pearl seed.  “Fuuuuccckk” his exclaim, milking the last drops, which fall onto her belly. She rubs the slippery liquid into her tits, and then reaches out grabbing his pulsing member. She rubs it softly, sliding her hand over his knob end… He jerks with uncontrollable pleasure.  She looks up and gives him a cheeky eye…. “You like that” he says, she nods as she licks the last drop off his cock, maintaining eye contact. “How much do I owe ya” he asks.
‘This ones free, it’s your lucky day’…
He smiles and admires his work…. She looks so fine covered in his cum. “You are a horny little minx” he says…. Pulling his cock from her grasp, he pulls up his pants. “If you need more, you know where to find me”                  And with that, he leaves…..

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Wow - hot story! I'm literally "moved", moved to be very naughty. LOL