Thursday, 14 April 2011

part ii

As  my sexual awakening continued, i discovered the power of imagination.  I also discovered that at a young age, looks weren’t so important. It was about what felt right. My innocence did not concern itself with style.. it leant more toward the content.  I had my share of flirtatious encounters. Spent some hurried moments in bathrooms at parties, going at it with girlfriends who wanted to explore as much as i did. These were never going to endure.. but i remember them ever so clearly.. and they left such a sweet taste in the mouth. Getting drunk or high or both with friends, making eyes with a girl who i loved mostly as a friend, and heading off into the bushes to indulge eachother with naked exposure and oral sex, this was a favourite past time. We didn’t have to go down the long road. We didn’t even need to fuck. Just play, and let the imagination take over. Particularly after getting home the next day.. or whenever that was. 
After several, lets call them rendezvous’ things started to get substantially more serious. Girls started wanting to screw. So did I, but I wasn’t all that sure if i wanted what came with it. ie: the C word. Sure enough though, it wasn’t long before a girl friend and i started getting pretty hot and heavy. It was time. No longer could i just muck around with lustful experimentations. It was time for some dick in hole.. and I’m not talking about a honeydew melon warmed in the microwave with a hole cut in it. No way.
I was not quite 16. She was. I recall going around to her house. It was a Friday. Her folks were out. We ran a bath. And for the first time, terribly sober, we purposefully stripped, in the light, and hopped into the warm bubbles. We sat facing eachother at opposite ends and nattered about all sorts of things.. as kids do. I massaged one of her feet and she used the other to massage my member. At that age, even the thought of my girl touching my dick made it immensely hard. She loved it, such power. It wasn’t the first time she’d had it on her person in some way.. but it had never made it inside her.. not down there.. not yet. We spoke about our dreams, our imaginings, i let her know that i’d spent many hours imagining her, us, locked in the throws. I told her how much i wanted her, and how much she meant to me. She was touched. She pulled me toward her, asked me to kiss her. I positioned myself between her legs. I kissed her breasts.. she was blessed with large, pert, natural boobs with sizeable areola and nipples to match. She breathed heavily and pulled me down onto her. We kissed deeply. It was such a memorable embrace. I remember trying to keep my loins away from her.. as long as i could. As our embrace grew deeper.. i was drawn closer. Without even trying, the swollen crown of my cock found her open lips and nudged its way in, effortlessly. It felt fucking amazing. A different world. She gasped. We stopped kissing momentarily. Looked deep into eachothers eyes and kind of right then decided that this was it. We needed to fuck. I pushed in a little further and she gasped again.. exclaiming some religious jargon.
Lets go to bed.
We hastily removed ourselves from the bath and didn’t bother to towel down. Her room was on the top level of the house, under the corrugated iron roof. She took me there. We kissed some more, and she lay down on the bed.. the time for imagining was over. A summer storm was on its way, lightening and thunder crackled, but the real electricity was coursing through my body. I paused at her bed side, scarcely believing that this was it. She looked beautiful. She was beautiful. She reached out with both hands, and dragged me down by my hard-on. I put my fingers on her,  she was super slippery. No need for the oral that she adored. She was pulling at my cock with a certain fervour. We kissed. I lay down on top of her, and she guided my member in, no messing about. As slow as i could bare,  i pushed it in.. filling her up beyond belief. She said as much. We started to move. And the feeling was sublime. The storm came and the sound of the rain would have been nigh on deafening.. but all i could hear was her.. breathing.. moaning.. gasping.. and begging me to fuck her. I did what any gentleman would, and obliged. Those many hours spent masturbating served me well.. because i lasted till well after her climax, although i hardly knew she was cumming. I just thought she was enjoying herself.
 Then came my turn. That first, enormous, body crippling explosion, deep inside her was like heaven, hell and purgatory all rolled up into one.. so good it hurt. Again and again we made love. Through the storm. We varied our positions only a few times.. we were young.. whatever we did though, felt sensational. And for a moment, my imagination seemed redundant. If this feeling is what i had been missing.. times had to change. And from that moment on, things were never the same.
End Part II


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful....those first moments where fantasy becomes poetry in motion are etched forever in the soul.

both.hands.please said...

Indeed SG. I remember it as if it were yesterday.