Wednesday, 6 July 2011

part ii

In and out, sliding slippery fingers in to the hilt and out to the
tips. The delicate rhythm of my arousal pushes her further, closer to
the edge. She wants to breath harder but the air is so hot that to take
deep breaths almost scorches ones throat. So short shallow breathing
sustains her until she feels that she might pass out. She can feel her pulse in
her temples, and sense blood pumping urgently in all nerve centres
right up to her very eyeballs, the pressure mounts.  She blinks her eyes
rapidly to keep from blanking out, and gasps for air. She nearly comes,
orgasm threatens on the outer reaches, consciousness slides, her vision
blurs slightly, she's slipping, just let go… but instead she says,
'If you keep doing that I'm gonna come and I might just pass out.'
"Let's take some air," I say.
We burst from the hot box, clothed again and drag ragged breaths
of cold air. We almost stagger limp limbed out into the pool area and
slide into the relief of the pool. We are alone and there is nothing
to prevent us from continuing our activities but the desire to
heighten the tension by practicing sublime restraint keeps our hands to
ourselves while minds work furiously to devour the other. We glide
about in the water barely looking at each other, I swim dangerously
close to her and one of my legs glances off her upper thigh as I
glide past. The surprise contact feels like a mild electric shock felt
deep inside my gut.  Submerged a different kind of pressure compresses
my senses and heightens the effect of cool water on still warm skin. I
hold my breath and swim the length of the pool at the other end I bust
out of the water starved for oxygen once again. I catch my breath and
say, "Let's go back in". She agrees.
'You go in I'll just be a minute, I want to use the bathroom'.  She tells me.
She pushes through the swing door and into a small bathroom with a large mirror.
and pauses to gaze at herself, a slight flush showing through her tan,
erect nipples push against the wet fabric of her bikini, long
dripping wet hair. She looks deep into the mirror and takes stock of the
situation. 'What's going on?'  she doesn't care to answer that question so
pees quickly and heads back to the sauna.
The heat embraces her upon entry, and she finds me sitting at the far end on the top
bench already naked semi erect prick with its glistening tip all eyes
on her.
'My turn' she says, peeling off her swimsuit. "Please" I reply..
she moves towards me.

She begins by leaning in towards me and quickly, without lingering
licks the glistening pre-cum from the tip of my cock. 'There is
nothing smoother or sweeter in this world.' she offers...
Instantly my body pumps more blood to my cock and it springs up a
little higher. Readying itself for her touch. She admires its shape and
curve; the smooth taut skin with its bluish veined bulges arouses her
whilst she thinks of what to do next.
'I want to feel my tits around that taut member.'  and she moves closer, my anticipation growing.. She sits on the lower bench facing me, her chest level
with my cock. She takes me gently in her left hand and pushes me slowly
back so my cock is pressed against my abdomen, i lean back even
further and spread my legs a little. My balls glisten with sweat,
she leans in to taste it. Salty and fresh with a touch of
chlorine from the pool. She takes one of my balls in her mouth
and slowly rolls her tongue over and around, sucking softly, pulling
gently. I moan, sound vibrates right down into my balls. She lets go, looks up and catches my intent gaze. I nod, and rest my hand softly on her neck, a hint to continue. She obliges.
She stands and leans in further, she arches her back a little, and presses
her breasts together to form a cleavage, and in doing so creates
a tight space for my prick to slide into. In and out. My hands grip the edge of the bench and I feel her hot breath in bursts on my skin. Senses overloading as my cock slides up and down,
slowly, very slowly. She's very careful not to push me too far, she knows me well. She pauses when necessary, as she senses the tension reaching a critical point.  Slowing right
down, she stops, and it subsides a little. She keeps me poised on
the edge, just as I did her. Heavily breathing on the very brink
almost ready to pass out. She reverts her gaze from my cock to my eyes..
'I'd love to feel you explode in my mouth.'......

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