Sunday, 7 August 2011

The simple things in life..

I work hard. Too hard some would tell you. But that allows me the luxury to take that same ethos and apply it to all aspects of my life. It’s only fair. When vacation time rolls around (so close I can almost touch it) there are certain things I want and need from my destination. I travel. It’s my passion, my addiction, as important to me as the air I breathe. I travel for many reasons, but mostly just to experience and immerse myself in a culture other than my own. Although, exactly what my culture is, could right now be brought into question.  But I digress. There is nothing better, than waking up, somewhere warm.. somewhere exotic.. to the sound of birdlife.. and the smell of the ocean.. or the forest.. or the jungle.. Nature. Naked. I turn to see the delicate form of my lover. Her luscious womanly curves, draped only in a thin cotton sheet, revealed to me in the early morning light as I gently pull back the film.. and unwrap my morning treat. I trace her lines with featherlight strokes. She stirs. I follow her curves with fingertips.. circling those spots I know she enjoys most.. she responds.. To hear the sighs that pass her lips in these moments gives me the greatest of pleasure. I move in a little closer. She presents herself a little more. Adjusts her leg ever so slightly. Allowing me access, if I so please. There can be no better way than this to start the day, I think to myself. She knows I am hard. From time to time the pulse of my cock taps her on the back. She knows what’s coming. I let time pass, and the anticipation build. Her shoulders, her back, her bottom, I marvel at these things. I breathe a whisper of lustful intent across the back of her neck, and run my fingers through her hair. I know she’s wet. I can smell her want from where I lay, and as I brush a knuckle over her, I feel the slick outline of her swollen lips.. opened.. waiting. Her release, her pleasure, her moans, amplify with the weight of application, as my fingers gently search her saturated folds. To experience one so responsive to my touch is the ultimate aphrodisiac. She presses back into me.. she pushes down onto me. And reaches around to grab my now throbbing dick. She looks over her shoulder finds my gaze and pleads, so sweetly “Fuck me”.
Most of the time, I’m a gentleman. So I oblige. And there can be nothing better... Although, the purpose of this post was to describe my ideal holiday morning. What it entails, is exactly the above.. followed by a cool shower.. and breakfast. On this morning, and most, I want fruit. And no-where does fruit like Southeast Asia. The tropical stuff. With lashings of natural yoghurt (the local stuff, not this Danone shite), brought to the balcony of our bungalow by a beautiful woman wrapped in colourful tribal garb with a frangipani behind one ear.
I am a simple man, and these are my simple pleasures.
Jungle breakfast somewhere on the border of Thailand and Myanmar


J said...

Damn, I need a vacation like that!

both.hands.please said...

Hello J.
I take it you like fruit too?

Cheeky Minx said...

What a truly perfect way to begin the day...