Tuesday, 22 November 2011

the ins and outs
part III

From there things started to get a little out of hand. We were less concerned with hiding our desires, more intent on exploring eachothers bodies, and boundaries. Booze did play a considerable part, as inhibitions fell away. We enjoyed a veritable feast of local specialties but my appetite was directed solely on D, and tasting her, properly, fucking her, with my fingers, my tongue, my hard cock, my whole… anything I had at my disposal.  It was all consuming.
Several times throughout dinner we met onroute to, or at the toilets, purposefully but not obviously. It was on the first of these rendezvous that we kissed for the first time. Deeply. Passionately. Occasionally frantic and forceful. Years of slow burning attraction instantly ignited into a volcanic lust. And she would bite. At one point she reached down and grabbed at my crotch, tracing the contour of my hardening meat, she pulled away from our embrace looked into my eyes and queried all too knowingly “So you do like me”.. to this I nodded and replied simply ‘Very much’.. before she lunged forward, locking lips once again. We pashed until we thought it wise to return to the table.
My mind started to race.. literally.. a myriad of devious scenarios flashing through the very forefront of my mind. From what I gathered, D was pretty much up for anything, and that was a prospect that excited me greatly.
At no point did I consider that this might jeopardise our friendship... besides, it was far too late to turn back now.
We had to fuck.
After the obligatory under the table fondling, a dessert of cheese, fruit and a couple more drinks, it was near time to depart. I had only one thing in mind, however it was suggested that we head back into town for a few drinks with the rest of our new found friends. I couldn't really refuse, although I did baulk at the idea.
All I wanted, was bits of me inside bits of D.
The ride back was very much the same. D once again lodged herself firmly onto my hand as I probed her various channels as intrusively as my digits allowed. It dawned on me in this moment, just how spectacularly dirty this friend of mine must be, to allow, even encourage such behaviour. There existed in my nether regions a serious aching now. I was near breaking point.
Our designated driver was not inclined to drink, so he dropped us off at a popular watering hole a few blocks from the hotel. Other divers were seated on the terrace enjoying the late summer evening atmosphere over some pretty potent cocktails. We joined them, but I was far too preoccupied with my unfolding fantasy to contribute any valuable conversation. A little drunk too.
D is a social butterfly, in her element in these situations, however she was feeling the effects of the grog even more so than I. She would continually cast an eye in my direction while mingling, as if waiting for a que.
Another round of drinks was about all I could handle. Bidding my farewells I excused myself and gave D a 'come hither' look before walking away. Not one to waste a drop, she downed the remanants of her drink and leapt from the rattan arm chair. Unfortunately, at that precise moment a waiter had been returning from the bar with a full bottle of Absolute, which inevitably ended up on the tiles, in shattering style. It wasn't pretty, but it was pretty fucking funny. I watched D do her best to ease the tension and smooth over the waiter, but he wasn't well impressed so she made a hasty exit. I had a small start on her, but she beckoned me to wait. Once out of view of the terrace I retreated into a dark, covered doorway. She approached and fell straight into my arms. We kissed furiously all the while feeling eachother up, gauging one anothers want.
And this is where the real fun was to begin.

end part III

It was obvious in this moment that we had to get naked.
I told her that we should make a move.. she agreed, then asked where.. 'Lets just walk'.. we did, briskly.. I dragged her along at my own hungry pace. We paused briefly under a tree, a Magestic Palm, I pushed her up against it and pressed into her with my lips, my hips, we kissed, one hand raking at her breast while the other cupped her arse, kneading. I haven't wanted something with such fervour since.. well lets just say some time. Her dress rode up. The public nature of our foray intensified the blood flow to my piece.
I'm well up for a little high risk, plein-air sex, theres just something about it.
But this was a little too exposed.
I dragged my mouth off hers and we continued to walk. 
We were only a block and a half from the hotel, but across the road I spied a dimly lit park. A split second later I decided that was where we must be. 'Over there'. She didn't contest.
We crossed the promenade and squeezed through a gate that was neither open nor closed. It was jammed in such a way that folks could enter. Good folk, like us. Once inside I realised we had entered a cemetary. I momentarily recoiled, but then decided to plough on. It was not well manicured, a little overgrown, but as such, a pleasant setting for a quickie atleast. D hadn't suggested it was in bad taste. And my desire to taste her was all too present.
We shortly came across a bench, beneath a sleepy light that glowed just enough to make out the detail on her patterned dress. Our eyes would adjust further in no time. Here we stopped and fed once more on eachothers mouths. Hands wandered with intent. I reaquainted myself with the sodden folds between her thighs.. the object of my desire.. She appreciated the attention. 
D then pushed me away and sank down, perching herself on the weathered timber benches edge. Now at eye level with the considerable bulge in my pants, she looked up at me with wide brown eyes.. mouth ajar and lips glistening.. "I've been dying to do this"... just the sight of D's pretty mouth in such proximity made my cock stretch an additional inch or 2, straining for release.
'Have you just' I asked. She flipped open my belt.
"Mmhmm..... it's not like I haven't noticed it before".
She popped the buttons on my fly one by one.
'Oh really'.
She peeled away my jeans enough to expose me. 
And there I stood.. in a cemetary, under light, in my briefs and full of wild anticipation...
end part IV


Cheeky Minx said...

Your words have me craving, bhp. And your delicious photograph merely serves to intensify this lustful ache.

Lucky, lucky D...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the delicious anticipation!

both.hands.please said...

Intense lustful ache.. Minx you know the surest ways to pique my interest don't you.

And Holly dear.. I certainly hope it is worth the wait.

Thank you both kindly. x