Saturday, 24 March 2012

the ins and outs
part viii

I cloaked myself around D as best I could, I didn’t want her to get away, not now. My cock head, slick with sweet nectar, nudged inside. That initial penetration, as her defenses give way, is worth every minute, every hour of tortured anticipation. I fed my rigid pole inch by inch into her, engorged veins like rope providing extra ribbing to which D responded well. Such a tight space, such a delightful exposure. Things were about to get a little more unruly. As i began probing her with girth the promise of ecstasy edged ever nearer. D took the intrusion well, almost graciously. She received my all and fairly took it in her stride pleading with me to fuck her.. how could I possibly refuse.
“Fuck me” this was too good to be true.
“C’mon”. I clawed into D’s hips, locked on, and threw some weight into it.
“Fuck me”. This girl was filthy and loving it, squealing as I thrust my aching flesh deep into her bum, my balls slapping heavily against her sodden folds, my pumping becoming manic, deliberately furious from hunger and aching for release.
It got the better of me. The situation. The woman. The sex.
Breathe, push, pause. Don’t hold back.
"Come in me"
My legs shudder, posture collapses. Somewhere deep inside D’s arse my cock explodes. Ribbons of seed spool out of me, burning in intensity. I hold her firm. Lines blur. Aftershocks and spasms invade, her adept arse muscles milk every last drop. Breathe. Am I living, or is this just a dream. As the last waves wash over me, my heated breath passes over D. For a moment longer we remain connected, unable to speak, no words needed. Spent. Relieved. A puddle at my feet.
It wasn't the most romantic of scenarios, more animalistic, a filthy procession of grunts, pants, 'ooohhhs',  'fuck's' and 'oh my god's'... thats just how it was. My concern was not with how this might occur to an onlooker, I cared only about how fucking good it felt diving in and out of D's various hot and slick receptacles with as much depth and gusto as I could manage without losing myself. There was no measure as to how much I wanted to fuck this woman, to be in this moment. One becomes oblivious to all else. It hadn't occurred to me that we were being watched. So it came as quite a surprise when after having her explode all over my shaft and cumming hard in D's arse.. we were startled by some vigourous applause, and not from one set of hands! Searching out the source of this invasion, peering out into the darkness I spotted 2 what you might refer to as street folk.. drunks.. sitting not more than 15m away from where we were, still semi clothed postcoitus. It's not that it was embarrassing, it just took me by surprise. D giggled, a little nervously, but we both realized that it was far too late to concern ourselves. We didn't necessarily hurry to get dressed. As the conversation started up between them.. hardly discernable in their drunkeness, I could make out only a few words, most of which were directed toward D and her physical attributes. Which I totally concurred with. I had to laugh. Besides, I'd just had some of the hottest sex of my life. I didn't care. I said to D that once we left I'm sure those guys would start pulling themselves.. if they hadn't already. And dear readers I ask.. whats wrong with that?



naughtyangel420247 said...

Hot! Very hot!

both.hands.please said...

Thank you naughtyangel, I'm very pleased you approve.

Cheeky Minx said...

Such a gloriously intense and sexy finale, bhp...


Loves it! More veins please!!

Same sassy girl said...

Thanks for finishing the story... and in such grand style!

both.hands.please said...

It certainly was intense Minx.. That you find it sexy is high praise indeed. Thank you.

And it loves you JKS.. Thank you kindly. Is it really time for more veins?

I do hope it was worth the wait SassyG. And it seems we share similar style. =)