Tuesday, 3 September 2013

high rotation...

More delicious summer sounds from the SE corner of the UK. These brothers sometimes border on the cheesey side of house music (only sometimes), but their deeper and funkier shit has been carving up the dancefloors and debasing the festival crowds for the last couple of months. This album is a superb party starter if you wanna move the masses. As for me, well it hasn't left my car stereo since June.
They know where it's at. Lap it up!


DanaS said...

bhp, this disc is the shit! i'm not normally a fan of electronica but i need to download this! thanks for the heads up :-) and btw love that nick cave song from a few posts back... was having a bit of a problem posting comments. hmm.

missed you, glad to see you posting again. kisses xx

both.hands.please said...

It is exactly that, isn't DanaS. Most certainly the shit. I'm very pleased you approve (of Mr.Cave as well).

And as always, your comment and kisses are most welcome here. X

Cheeky Minx said...

You had me at deep and funky, bhp. And the image of you lapping it up in your car.

Can't wait to have a proper listen...

both.hands.please said...

I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed Minx.
And any time you fancy going for a drive, well just climb aboard.