Saturday, 24 May 2014


So, if you've been following this page for more than a year, you'll know that I tend to drop off the radar more often than not. I wish I could blame my idle hands for that. But it's quite the opposite.
You'll also be aware that I tend to come back with a slice of filth in order to appease and apologise. 
This time will be no different. I offer no excuses. It just is.

If you care to place yourself beside me for a moment...
this picture was taken during the course of an epic 11 hour drive on my recent holiday.. I got particularly aroused, for no particular reason. 
It was 41* and I needed some relief. 
I really do wish you could have been there!

more soon?


Ella said...

Howdy Stranger,

If I recall, a wise man once told me operating a vehicle while using a hand-held device was illegal. ;)

However ... someone else's hand to help you with that length .... x

You can find me here while I'm under construction:

Same sassy girl said...

Great to see you are alive and looking so well! I have the distinct urge to sit on your lap! You are so kind to tantalize us!

Cheeky Minx said...

Appeased I am. And oh so very pleased.

Now, allow me to offer my assistance with both hands. And every inch of this trembling body.

It's so good to have you back, Bhp... x

Simplicity said...

I'd be happy to offer any assistance I can! ;). Happy summer and I hope you're doing well. Don't forget us and I look forward to your latest offering of "filth."

both.hands.please said...

Ella, your presence beside me on such a venture would help no end. I feel quite sure of that. I shall swing by your page..

And Sassy, we'd probably have to pull over before any lap sitting occurred!

Cheeky Minx, you know exactly how to please and appease me. And you do it with just a few selectively divine words.

Simplicity, hello. Your assistance and comment are very welcome here. I shan't forget your kind words.

And ladies, thank you all. If I could only be less slack here!