Friday, 10 June 2011

Letter to a pretty girl..

wow.. now you have me short of breath.. i cant remember the last time someone wrote me such.. thank you, i love it. i see a little deeper into your heart and soul now..
i'm flattered, touched and honoured to be able to bring to the surface these feelings inside of you. who would have thought that the charcoal drawing would have a life of it's own.. so many years later.. maybe this is no coincidence.. it absolutely feels as if we were meant to explore eachother a little further than mere friendly pleasantries.
in, on and around.. we do fit perfectly together. it's the common ground. the sames. adding further want, beyond the physical. when together, we are free.. when the window opens we fly right out and into the night.. explorers on the sensory plains.. meeting unspoken needs with aplomb. like lovers do.. you and me.... me and you.

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