Friday, 10 June 2011

part 1

The door closes behind us with a soft thud and the familiar smell of
cedar that all saunas have fills my nostrils. Its warm, and the air is
good and dry. The little bucket that usually holds water for the coals
is empty so I leave again to fill it from a tap outside. She closes her
eyes and sits down on the nearest bench, She's thinking about what we've
just been doing upstairs in the hotel room, I know as much. 

Her thoughts return to us on the ubiquitous beige lounge suite. Mouth to pussy. Cock to mouth,. All liquids and sighing sounds.
Late afternoon sun filtering through the gauzy hotel curtains. The faint hum of air conditioner and traffic
far below, silence broken only by the sounds of skin moving slowly
over skin, and rhythmic heavy breathing.
She hears the door open and close again. "You're still wearing your swim
suit".   "I can fix that" she says.. and she takes the opportunity to slowly
peel her already damp swimsuit off and stretch out on one of the top
benches. I take a scoop of water and slash it across the coals, the
water disappears instantly with a sizzle and steam rises. We breathe
in and exhale slowly. I asked her if we could take a sauna one of
these days and so, here we are.
I am standing looking out the little window in the door.  "Does
anyone ever come down to the gym"? "No, not really, it's usually
pretty quite around here especially during the week". "hmmm, pity".
"What do you think someone would say if they saw us naked in here?"
"Dunno, can I join you perhaps". I chuckle and turn to face her as
I slide out of my shorts. My semi-hard prick sort of springs out
as they slide down my thighs. "I want you, god I want you."  I walk
past her to the far bench and as I do so I slide one of my
fingers along her thigh, up over her hips and along her torso to her
breast, my hand rests there an instant, giving the nipple a gentle
tweak before continuing up her chest over the collarbone and along her
neck. I sit down, just near her head.
"Its already getting pretty hot in here". "Mmmm I know, its good isn't it."
And this is how we are for a little while. You there, me here, thinking
about what we might do. Wondering where to start. I can hear you
breathing, I can hear the ticking sounds of the thermostat as the
little wooden room turns up the heat. Breathing. God, it's getting hot
in here.

I stand and walk back to the bucket. But instead of wetting the
coals I take another scoop of water and pour it slowly over her naked
body. "It feels so good." Cold water on her steaming skin. Sharp intake
of breath. Some of the water trickles down towards her cunt and mingles
with the moisture that's already begun to form there. Cool and hot,
both sensations at once.  I take another scoop and pour it on the
coals. The heat moves even closer, and it is getting harder to breath.
 She turns over to lay on her front and as she does I place my hand
on her luscious bum, I give it a little smack before letting my
fingers slide around to her crack. She spreads her legs a little and I can
feel my heart rate accelerate as I anticipate this first touch. I
take my time, just one finger slowly, ever so slowly eases its way
into her pussy and she exhales as I reach the knuckle.  I pause, and then slowly, ever so slowly I draw my finger out again. Inhale, exhale. "oh god"  she says. 

I can feel her pussy quivering.  "Again" she says. This time two fingers, sliding ever so slowly in. And she spreads her legs a little further…

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