Thursday, 8 December 2011

the ins and outs
part v

The next few frames, lasting an eternity, are etched deeply in my minds eye.
All I want is to feel the touch of her tongue, the warmth and acceptance of her open mouth. She bites at my thickened meat playfully. I'm losing patience, losing my mind.
She cups my now laden balls and clamps down with her teeth, just behind the ridge of my crown. Her heated breath permeates the elasticised cotton, into the very core of my desire.
I've excercised enough restraint.
'Stop teasing me'.
She glances up, meeting my near tormented gaze, flashes her effortless smile, licks her lips and with both hands opens up her prize.
I dont recall my dick ever feeling heavier. It spills out, collecting D firmly on the cheek. "Whoa".  D plants a hand around the base of my shaft and with the other starts a gentle tug.
A sense of relief ripples through me at once. Blood rushes in further.
"Oh my god". She pulls my skin as best she can over my swollen head, and flicks her tongue over what little of it remains exposed. I'm not sure how to cope.
She starts to tug with a little more intent, bringing my dick to an arching salute. She pumps it, fully exposing the swollen purple head.. She pushes her tongue into the eye, sending shock waves through my stomach and thighs.
Bliss overwhelms me as her outstretched mouth envelopes... just the crown.. but it feels... so... damn... good.
Right then I resist the urge to grip the back of her neck, and force my way in.
I really have to fight it though.
D however, can sense the immediacy required and works her way on. I watch in amazement as her lips glide smoothly down the length of my meat. I squirm with delight as she expertly kneads my balls. I dont want this to end. She beats a delightful rhythm along it's length.
Such a good girl.
At one point during the inward journey, I cant help but push in all the way, that extra inch, the thickest part. She does well to disguise a gag, and then carrys on with more determination. These obscenely delicious moments seem to last forever. But its time to fuck.
I pull out of her luscious mouth and lift D to her feet. We kiss deeply while she continues tugging on me.

end part v
part 2


Jack and Jill said...

Very intense and sexy! I should have read the first few parts before this one, but I think I'll do that now.


Cheeky Minx said...

I don't want this to end either.

And your photograph does nothing but inspire my lascivious greed, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

Thank you Jill, and welcome. Please feel free to join in at any stage.
I dont mind. Infact I like it. ;)

And Cheeky Minx..
If I could draw my own conclusions.. feeding your lustful intent would be the primary focus of these hands.
Mark my words.

Cheeky Minx said...

Consider me marked, with both hands please...

Naughty Kitty said...

I agree...very NICE!

both.hands.please said...

You are, by name and nature.. one very cheeky Minx..

And Naughty Kitty, you are most kind in saying so. Your approval is exactly what I seek. Welcome to my little world.