Thursday, 25 October 2012

a tad extra slice this month..

When I look down.. this is what I see..

But what I'd really fancy.. 
is you.. 
looking up at me..


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that a BHP post was long overdue. Thank you for "rising" to the challenge ;)

both.hands.please said...

Dearest Holly.. what rouses me the most is your illuminating presence.. right here with me.

Caramella said...


(clutches pearls)

Thank you, for making today just that little bit more bearable, sir!

Same sassy girl said...

All I could think about was you looking down and not being able to see it because it is hidden somewhere wet and tight! Yum... Thanks, bhp!

both.hands.please said...

Only too pleased to help you however I can, Caramella! And know that you've put a smile on my dial as well.

And SassyG.. in an ideal world thats exactly where it should be! Hidden from view, in the home you've described.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful imagery you've provided with your comments. xxbhp