Sunday, 14 October 2012

choice cuts #20...

Probably in my top 5 current live acts getting around, although they've been a little quiet of late.. (perhaps in the studio recording).
This track is one of those that I like to listen too when I've woken up on the darker side of the bed. You know the place. It can't always be sweetness and light, can it? Not for me it seems. And so I like to delve into tunes that empathise with my mood, enhance what it is I'm feeling, in order to explore the spectrum of my experience and the lasting effects on my memory. On me. This track, does just that.
(no cause for alarm)

So I’ll just sit here and wait
For continental drift to take me
Someplace warm
Where the mulberries have no worms
Where time is more tolerant
And swifter on my wounds
Where memories fade faster
And more completely
And the surreptitious laughter of angels fills the room.
If you search hard enough
You’ll find me there amongst the rogues,
The misfits, the circus fanfare
And all those vying for the attentions of the pretty things
Made ever more fetching since they lost their wings
Through circumstance of course, not deeds
(so they say)
And so I wait
A morose unearthly undercurrent threatens to take
Me someplace worn
Someplace sedate

Illustration- SamWeber
Words- bhp


Cheeky Minx said...

Your words are truly lyrical and beautifully complex, bhp.

As for your music choices reflecting your mood, I'm very much the same. Personally, I like to sink into that mood and live it with my entirety.

both.hands.please said...

That's the way isn't it CM.. to just dive in and immerse yourself in it, and see what comes out.

Thank you for your extremely kind appraisal and continued presence.