Saturday, 3 November 2012

'a love you cannot live without' and other works

Every once in while an artist reaches out and manages to grab me by the proverbials.. Actually it happens more often than once in a while. But I am picky.

(wire graffiti)

I constantly find myself drawn inexorably to the unusual, a little bit of oddity, partial to a slice of romance, poetry, lashings of humour and a smattering of sex (preferably combined). 

I'm also a huge fan of installation art, and people who are willing to put their thoughts/emotions/demons out on display, like meat in a butchers window, for the carrion seekers to pick at. 

Enter David Zalben

A remarkable man, who is doing remarkable things... with wire. A bit of a journeyman and a pioneer, of sorts.. Is how best I could describe him. He's trod a very intriguing path for sure. Bottom line is, he works with a fascinating medium to create astoundingly captivating visual art that is almost tangible, but then not quite. Essentially 3 dimensional but without substance. 

(my room)

See for yourself.. and judge, if that's your cup of tea. For me, he is an inspiration. What he can create with the simplest of tools, a driving passion, and nous, is truly astonishing. 

A man I would gladly prop up the bar with, in any number of Miami's deliciously naff drinking establishments. 
(wire graffiti)


Cheeky Minx said...

Thank you so much for bringing this artist to my attention, bhp. 'A love you cannot live without' is an especially stunning piece.

both.hands.please said...

You're always very welcome Cheeky Minx. Share and share alike.