Saturday, 18 May 2013

Role Play
The Abduction
part 9 finale

I raked at the tacky rivulets, dragging them over her collarbone, up the porcelain finery of her neck and through her already matted locks. I’d made quite the mess.
“What will your flatmates think?” I queried..
‘Nothing.. won’t be the first time I’ve come home covered and stinking of spunk’
I squat down behind her and saddle in close, aligning my still rigid and drooling cock against her spine.
“Is that right”
‘You’re not the only guy to have his way with me you know’
I wasn't surprised, no, just a tad taken aback.
“I see” I reached around and cupped her supple breasts, massaging the slippery film into them further.
“Tell me about it” I rolled her cheeky, hardened nipples between thumbs and forefingers, before clamping down with pulsing pinches. With no room to manoeuvre, C had little choice but to endure, although she did protest and squirm. I reassessed her threshold for pain and dabbled in the upper limits, and beyond. Pinch and twist.
“Tell me about it”
With as much composure as she could muster she began to tell me of a time she’d hooked up with a hot young stud whilst at a party.  She told of how she’d spotted him and knew instantly, albeit through booze addled insight, that he’d be fucking her that night.
As she regaled me with her evenings exploits I found myself turning rather green with envy, an uncomfortable streak of jealousy took over as she spoke.
‘He grabbed my arse while we kissed... and I pretty much turned to putty. I was his’.
I pulled C deeper into me with one arm around her waist, and began fingering the weeping heat of her cunt with next to no finesse. I found myself lapsing in and out of my own reality.. torn between an overwhelming and insatiable lust for the woman I held in my hands and an iniquitous urge to debase the gamine creature who now taunted my manhood with her cock-hungry revelations.
I came around deeper into her story, she was being poked and prodded by a group of young men, 8 hands grabbed and squeezed and slapped, 4 cocks jammed and probed and spat.
Her recollections had my cock at boiling point.
“Such a little slut ”.. I’d heard enough. I reefed her lissom form and pressed her face down, arse up once again. She carried on with the nights events, goading me. I feel sure she knew exactly to what effect, pausing for breath just as I pressed home my ever more enraged dick. Her story now guided my fucking, like the little puppet master she had me on a string. She managed to carry on speaking as best she could.. Her story jolting as the wind was taken out of her.
‘Those young boys don’t fuck around. It’s straight in and pump. I had both hands full and my mouth stuffed.. and they fucked me’.
And I fucked her harder.
‘I felt him swell inside me, so fucking thick I squealed. He pulled out and sprayed his shot up my tummy’
I fucked her with febrile intent.
‘And then the next cock was inside me, while the first stuffed my mouth full with a rubbery taste of the sea.. I sucked him clean’.
My muscle fibres twitched and pinged as the prolonged intensity of my pendulum thrusts began to redline.
‘They fucked me sober. I don’t know how many loads each put on me.. I lost track of time’. 
And I had run out of it. “Arrrgghhhh fuucckk”
‘Ohhh god, don’t stop’
I gave her my everything.
A screaming silence strangled the words from both our mouths. The fuse was lit. Somewhere in the middle of our beings the connection gelled. And with earth shattering effect, we became one.
I couldn't tell you how long it lasted, nor how I managed to survive it. I stayed there inside C as the orgasmic oceans subsided. We breathed in unison, gasping, disbelieving.
I recovered first, although I could have stayed there plugged into C’s energy source for hours on end.
Extricating my still swollen cock was a sobering experience and one which again took the wind from me. As I lurched back I noticed the cold grey light of dawn out above the pine tops. I noticed a clarity in the trees that hadn't been there all night. A mild panic set in.
“It’s time to go”
‘What?’.. C didn't seem to notice, or didn't care.
“It’s getting light, we need to bail”
‘Fuck’... it dawned on her.
I fumbled at the locks around her ankles and wrists, still not fully present to the task.
Finally freed of her constraints she flayed out on the mattress and looked up to the brightening sky. I set about packing things away willy-nilly, searching the space for any remnants of our interlude. I retrieved all articles of clothing and the sweats I’d brought with me for us both. C hadn't said a word nor yet attempted to move.
“We gotta go”
‘I know’ she said, ‘I know’.
I kissed her open mouth, softly. It felt more appropriate now, and amazing. Her lips were so willing and mouth so warm.
“Put these on”... I offered her the fresh clean sweats, planting them on her naked heaving chest.. something comfortable for the return trip, and let her be. I continued with my own hurried dressing while scouring the scene.
“C’mon get dressed “... C was dragging her heels and I didn't fancy meeting any forestry workers in this state. She did so and without saying a word made her way to the passenger’s seat in the car. I packed the last bits of kit and rolled the mattress, chucking everything in the back poste-haste. I paced around the clearing with the camp light in search of anything I may have missed before outing the diminished blue glow and effectively closing out our dirty little escapade, consigning it to memory only.
Satisfied I’d missed nothing I jumped behind the wheel. I looked into C.
“You OK?”
‘Yeah’..... Smiling cheekily she reached out, resting her hand on mine and squeezed. A never more reassuring moment have I felt.
I stuck the van in gear and executed a perfect 7 point turn, in the process noticing a glint of what looked like a Polaroid by one of the trees. I stalled long enough to make certain that it was, before rolling silently away from the scene. A present, I figured, to some lucky punter who happened across it.
As we bounced along the forest track I tried to gather my thoughts. C hadn't uttered a word, but the warmth of her hand on my leg spoke volumes.
We reached the asphalt road and drove away from the forest without notice. We’d done it. A massive sense of relief swept over me, not a single thing had gone wrong. I smiled unwittingly as the motorway approached and the first rays of sunlight broke the horizon.
‘Fuck... you got any sunnies’
“I do”..... I offered C my only pair, smiling as I did so.
‘What’re you smiling about?’... she quipped.
“Just the fact we got away with it”
‘Yeah.. you did well’
“Don’t sound so enthused”
‘No.. I mean it. You did fucking well babe. Seriously. I’m still reeling’
‘Yeah’... that smile again, destroyer of snowflakes. ‘Really’.
An overbearing sense of well being infiltrated the smallest of spaces in all my thoughts. Flashbacks of the nights pleasure points replayed before my eyes as if I’d gorged on mushroom tea, and my heart thumped against my chest. Lost for words, I drove, for quite some miles.
‘You took Viagra right?’... C broke the blissful silence.
“I did”.. no reason to lie about it. “ Didn't know if I could perform in such a way. I couldn't let you down”
“It’s my first abduction”... I laughed at the thought, C laughed with me.
“I wanted to make sure it was good for you”
‘Oh you’re so sweet’... a sarcastic dagger..  C’s hand wandered further up and inside my thigh, coming to rest on the bulge in my pants. The warmth and attention had an instant effect.
‘You should start up a business’.. she reached inside, pulling out my semi-erect prick. She handled it with such affection that before long it was bolt upright and pulsing again, matched by the beating in my chest. I looked around, concerned that other drivers may catch a view. Thankfully the early hour meant there was little traffic on the road.. But then, it was too late now anyway.
C looked at me with a renewed desire, stroking all the while. She undid here seatbelt and leaned over.. ‘Can I suck it?’
“I think you should”... checking my mirrors.
She went about delivering the most heavenly blowjob I've ever received. Her hand and mouth worked me with deft aplomb. She took the lions share of my cock deep, and what felt like another surging load was brought out of me with a delicate but savage effect. It was the fact that I managed to stay on the road that surprised me the most. C stayed right there with cock in mouth as the very last of my seed found its way into her accepting warmth and the rock hard ridges of blood began to retreat, drained once and for all. She lapped away, diligently cleaning off any remaining pearls before sitting up and smiling at me once more.
‘That nice?’ she queried, as if searching for approval.
“Ah, yeah.. you didn’t notice?”
‘Just making sure’
‘I owed you that atleast’
“For what?...”
‘I lost track of how many times you made me come’
“What... you serious?”
‘Deadly.. you pushed the right buttons.. hard’
A renewed excitement filtered through me at the very thought of her orgasmic declaration. There can be no better reward than knowing this. My cheeks flushed.
“I couldn't tell.. I was hoping”
‘I kept it quiet.. didn't want you to stop trying.. but you did good’ as she patted my retreating fat.
Overwhelmed with a sense of achievement I drove on.. forward, faster.. into the golden warm glow.
The rest of the journey was spent filling time with relatively inane conversation. What made it pleasant was the effortless way in which it rollicked along. No pretense, just a goofy honesty.
Contrary to what they say, time didn't fly by. But every minute of that return journey was filled, with something. Even the silences were delicious. Delicious because they were filled with recollection.
We arrived in C’s street.
‘Fuck it... back to the real world’
“Hmm” I felt a preemptive nostalgia creeping in. Was this it?
I pulled into C’s drive, applied the handbrake and turned to face the girl I’d come to admire in the woman I’d just abducted for sex.
She took off the sunglasses and searched my soul with a crystalline gaze, before planting an awkwardly generous kiss firmly on my lips.
‘Thanks alot’ she offered.. I had little to offer back.
She popped the door and stepped out, turning back to throw me a life line..
‘We’ll chat soon’
“Sure thing” is all I could muster, stupidly.
I watched as she walked up the drive, admiring the way her butt crack ate the loose terry towelling sweat pants.. a final defiant showing of what I had, but couldn’t have. That was it.
And then she turned around and started back with purpose.. I wound down my window.
She stuck her hand through the window, clicking her fingers and motioning..
“What about them?”
‘Their mine’
“No way”
‘Give’em to me’
“Oh c’mon.. That’s my wank fodder”
‘You keep the knickers... the photos are mine’ she pointed to the stripey bundle in the corner of the dash. It wasn't a fair trade at all.. but I’ll take whatever I can get, and knickers are especially appealing and an excellent masturbation tool.
“Fair enough”
I gathered the photos together and handed them to her.. against my better judgement.
She bent over and leaned in through the window, close enough for me to take in the heady scent of our collective fucking. A perfume of sweat and come and carnal lust. Worth bottling.
‘Do you really think I’m the type of girl who’d get wankered at a party and go home with 4 strange guys for a fuckfest?’ she accompanied this question with a piercing glare.
“After tonight... I couldn't doubt anything you told me” with a hesitant grin.
She scanned my face for signs of weakness or disbelieving.
Then without warning open mouth kissed me.. briefly, but fully.
‘Then make it so’.
She squeezed my cheeks with one hand then traced the contour of my lips as she stood up, before slipping silently up the drive and into the deepest corner of recent memory. Not looking back, and not needing to. Because as of now, she knew exactly what cogs she’d set in motion. And how my addled mind buzzed anew.


Caramella said...

No comments? A travesty. This was a fitting and beautiful end to the story, one I've been anticipating for a long time.

Beautifully told and climactically built: it was a pleasure to join you on your journey.

both.hands.please said...

It's possible Caramella.. that the end came too long after the beginning. These modern times!
It's been a pleasure to have you along for the ride. Thank you for your patience and contributions. You're most welcome here.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop staring at your purple arm - so strong and muscular - and appetizing.

DanaS said...

you are just yummy. you have a beautiful way with words.

both.hands.please said...

If only long distance taste-tests were possible Ella. Our lines would be blocked I'm sure.

I'm very pleased you think so DanaS, too kind of you. Please feel free to comment whenever you like.

Thank you ladies.

Cheeky Minx said...

If there's anything worth bottling, it is you, bhp.

A searingly carnal, erotic and complex conclusion that's left me aching in all the right, bright, shiny places...

petunia said...

I can't believe you pulled that off. That was nuts. Play like that is forever closed to me, however, because I am included in the startling statistic of 1 in every 4 women(or was it 1 in 5?) who have been attacked. I was 19 and studying abroad when this life-changing experience occurred. I was fortunate in many respects, though, because besides successfully fighting off my attacker, it made me be way
more aware and alert for any signs of trouble. Plus, I discovered that I am hell-on-wheels when it counts and that is nice to know.

both.hands.please said...

Funny you should mention that Minx.. it's those very bright and shiny places that cause me no end of ache. Please, bottle at will CM.

In retrospect Petunia, I can scarcely believe it myself. Were it not for my willing participant, I'd never have dreamt of this kind of play. It was intense.
I'm startled to hear those statistics, and that you are one of them. People can be incredibly cruel and malicious towards eachother, I certainly would never ever condone such behaviour. I abhor it. Good for you for having the fortitude and gusto to fight off your attacker. I wish the same spirit and nous to all would be victims.
Thank you for your input.