Saturday, 19 October 2013

a city doesn't always love you

As I navigate the adverse camber of a solitary existence
and traverse the frosty crags of glacial failings and loves lost
a slow perpetual degradation leads me to a familiar, far reaching understanding.. 

There are some things better left unsaid.
Some things the boy in me need never have seen, let alone known. 
Curiosity, as it turns out, has a hefty price tag of its own. 
Experience, it’s been told, keeps a dear school
whose classrooms fill to brim predominantly with fools. 

As surely as springs melt finds its way to shimmering sea
a fleeting glimpse at mirrors bevelled edge reveals 
....the fool in me.

all images taken in the Nederlands by bhp


Cheeky Minx said...

This glimpse touches my own yearning and sense of loss, the fresh wounds and silvery scars of my own curiosity.

But more than this I sense in your beautiful words and imagery a melancholy love for the city, spaces caressed and haunted by your thoughts and body, places not merely captured but bearing the trace of your lens.

Absolutely stunning, bhp...

Ella said...

This is beautiful, sad and makes me ache to wrap my arms around you. Kisses, my friend.

both.hands.please said...

Thank you Cheeky Minx and Ella.
It's more than just a comfort to know you're out there in my virtual sphere of consciousness.
Knowing this dissolves some of the ache.
You're lovely both.