Thursday, 10 October 2013

choice butts #10

this is my xmas present..
only the big fella himself knows what i've done to deserve such finery..
only the big guy can answer prayers with this degree of precision..
so thank you in advance Santa, you have most definitely made my year..

now.. all i have to do is get to her.


Ella said...

Where there is a will there is a way. Now, what can I get for xmas, Love?

DanaS said...

she is a lucky lady. you will get to her. now where can i write to your santa so i can get a nice present like that? xx

both.hands.please said...

Too true Ella. And that's a very good question dear. I guess it depends entirely on whether or not you've been a good girl? So please, do tell..

We're both in luck Dana. It's been many moons coming this rendezvous. My santa lives at the south pole, but with no fixed address. I hope your letter finds him..

Ella said...

Well, divinely naughty, of course. However, the tune Santa's Sack by White Ghost Shiver's is going through my head right now making me think you might like a belt buckle made of mistletoe.