Monday, 27 January 2014

ear to the ground

Ok.. so I'm decidedly late this time around, however, these here are my lists of top albums and tunes that have influenced and altered my state over the past 12 months. 
Music (along with 'the road') is life. It's my constant companion. Surprisingly enough though, I don't own a pair of headphones. Music is everywhere and I want to hear it. The louder the better.
If but one of you finds a skerrick of love for any or all of the below, then I'll be happy in the knowledge that we share a passion. And I urge you to indulge along with me, at will.

In no particular order, these are my favourite recent offerings:

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away 
Probably the greatest Alt Rock outfit that ever came out of Oz, perhaps even the planet. The overlord of darkness at his poetic finest, lead along merrily by the never ending enthusiasm of Mr.Ellis and the rest of the mad, bad bunch.

Factory Floor - Factory Floor
Smashing debut album that skirts around descriptions; this London trio knock out one of the most compelling, non-stop live shows I've ever had the privilege to witness. Dark, thumping beats & experimental noise that sends one back to the cradle. 

Nadine Shah - Love Your Dum & Mad
Haunting and punchy themes are tackled by this Northern lass, singer/songwriter. Nadines voice alone has the chilling ability to reach inside, indiscriminately, and rip at anything it lays its gravelly tones upon. 

Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin
Straight outta San Fran, yet another offering from perhaps the most prolific band in recent history. And they keep getting better. Rock at its psychedelic and punk best. One of the most memorable shows of 2013 without doubt.

La Femme - Psycho Tropical Berlin
Cold wave, synth heavy psychedelica out of France that transports you to warmer climes in order to invoke Hui and trip haphazardly along an endless summer. Live show coming up = happy bhp.

PVT - Homosapien
A superbly thoughtful and at times experimental offering from the Aussie rock trio now calling London home. The new direction works more than favourably from go to whoa, these lads have firmly found their feet.

Major Lazer - Free the Universe
The latest sublimely eclectic body of collaborative work from master Diplo et al. From reggae through ragga to dub step and beyond. Featuring probably my fave track of the year 'Get Free'. 

London Grammar - If You Wait
A sensuous and brooding debut; Mellow and painfully beautiful trip-pop masterpiece that deserves a place in pretty much everyones music library. Good when alone, for driving, crying, and inspiring.

Savages - Silence Yourself
Debut offering from this all female rock quartet. A sometimes dark and disassociative body of work. Intense. Intelligent and pretty much lawless. Patti meets Siouxsie and go tripping together.

Arctic Monkeys - AM
Probably the best album release yet from the Sheffield lads. And that says about all it needs to. Indie rock legend status confirmed.

And now for a top ten track listing.... as usual I'll venture outside the above albums and their myriad of truly killer tracks in an attempt to bring another 10 artists into my loving light.

Again in no particular order:

A Tooth For An Eye  by The Knife 
trip-tronica at its experimental best. only in Sweden!! 

What's Holding You  by Lorelle Meets the Obsolete 
- chunky, driving, psychedelica outta Mexico! Brilliant.

Chum  by Earl Sweatshirt 
choicest of cuts off his latest collaborative hip hop album.

My God is the Sun  by Queens of the Stone Age 
stellar tune from the lads has got to be right up there.

Stimulation  by Disclosure 
one of the phattest tunes off their debut album. if you like beats. 

Off & On  by Findlay 
- raw but beltingly good garage rock at its less than 3 minute best.

Out of the Black  by Royal Blood 
powerful and grimey sound out of this Brighton duo

Drone Logic  by Daniel Avery 
- it's like underworld shagged trentemoller..

Mozart's House  by Clean Bandit 
- another fresh and quirky stonker from the london fringes.

Way I Feel  by Palace 
killer tune on high rotation at my gaf; distorted disco to move your bod.

These are the cream of the records that helped shape my year, 2013. Overall, I thought it was an outstanding year for releases. I'll be nodding my head, shuffling my feet, and throwing down shapes to this lot for a long time yet. Enjoy.

                                                                        art by: ears


Cheeky Minx said...

You had me at Nick Cave and London Grammar... Who am I kidding? You had me within your seductive clutches a long time before spying our compatible musical tastes.

A good number of the others on your list are new to me. As a means of rectifying this, you should slide on over here and we can play it all naked and loud.

It's so good to have you back, bhp.

(PS I adore this ears piece - it brings to mind Brett Whiteley for me.

All of these Aussie references have me thinking you should climb aboard a big jet plane...)

Ella said...

I've added many of these to my collection - some I know and some are new, but the suggestions will make my work day a little more pleasant.

It's been a while, welcome home.


I could listen to Savages.. every second of.. every hour of.. every day. Open up and say awwwww Xx

both.hands.please said...

Naked and loud.. i'm sure you're well aware that you had me a long time before now Minx, but this prospect would be icing on the already exquisitely delicious cake. Funnily enough, I was not too far from your neck of the woods just recently. Not quite your timezone though. Unfortunately. But how I wish.

I hope you enjoy some if not all of them as much as I do Ella. You should know that if there is anything I can do to make your working day a little lighter, I'll do my utmost.

They have a similar effect on me JKS. I drive for hours on end with that cd on repeat. Intoxicating really.

Thank you ladies, for the kind welcome back. It's been too long I must say.

DanaS said...

hi b,

thanks for the recos as usual. have you heard the neighbourhood's "i love you" disc? it's my new fave.

missed you. i hope we hear of your recent exploits sooner than later.

ds xo

both.hands.please said...

Hello Dana
You're so sweet. I hope you enjoy said recos. And I'll be sure to check out the neighbourhoods. Thank you.
Stay tuned. Exploits coming up.