Saturday, 9 June 2012

Role Play -
The Abduction
part 1

I arrived just before 20:00 and pulled up down the street from #194. C’s house. 
I gathered my thoughts and questioned myself one final time. Am I really going through with this? Even though events hadn’t been set in motion, I felt compelled to go on. Too far down the path was I to retreat now. 
I wondered what she would be doing. I wondered if she was feeling the same level of apprehension. I doubted that she would be. Momentarily I resented her for putting me through this.. it was after all her fantasy.. and it was I doing all the work. The risk, though, was ours to share. Comforted by that thought I mustered my nerve and ran through the programme. I had to make sure that at no point I was outwardly kind to her, or comforting. This was the hardest thing for me to get my head around. I was very fond of C. How could I treat her any other way than warmly?
I emptied my lungs and filled them deeply, overdosing on oxygen and summoning my courage. I took the cricket box from my kit and placed it inside my jox, snugly around my bits, testing it with a few knocks. I slipped my right hand into the butchers mitt and fastened it securely. I felt protected, physically at least, it was mentally where my frailties existed, and with no armour against my thoughts it was my heart, the recipient of cumulating fear. 
I checked the clock. 8pm. I swallowed the erection guarantee with a mouthful of water and turned the ignition key. It was all about to kick off. My focus sharpened as I pulled into the lane and drove toward her house.
Happy to see the driveway vacant, I reversed as far in as possible. 
A fence on the neighbour side would provide plenty of protection from any prying eyes. My heart was pounding, it’s thumping resonating in my eardrums. This was it. I checked the rearview mirror, looked myself in the eye, ascertaining my readiness. Last chance to pike out I told myself. Last chance to drive away. 
I grit my teeth and snarled, summoning the aggression inside, the cold nature required, and stepped into the game. 
Moving swiftly to the back of the vehicle I swung open both doors. Ready and waiting were the abduction tools. Cable ties, already looped for easy fastening, tape and a scarf for blindfolding. Rope was positioned by the side of the mattress. Weapons in hand, I moved quietly down the side of the house surveying the area for any overlooking windows or vantage points. It was relatively private, but if C was to make any cry for help, any number of frosted glass windows could open and witness goings on, and surely sabotage our foray into filth and fantasy. 
At the back of the house, I took in the path my feet would travel.. 2 and a ½ steps from the back door and a worn earthen track to where I stood. No obstacles to speak of other than the stairs. Fortunately C’s room was at the rear of the house, on the far side. There could be no access through the window however, so it was through the back door, down a short hall to the kitchen/dining room. Her room was off this space to the right, and was probably used as a breakfast or sitting room before the landlord decided to maximise rent and convert it to sleeping quarters. 
I passed the back door nonchalantly and peered into C’s room. Through a gauzy crack in the curtains I could make out the slight figure of C, she lay on the bed with the bed side lamp on. I could see a book by her head. Whether or not she was asleep was anyone’s guess, it would be better if she was, but then she could be foxing. 
Seeing her lay there instilled a rather serene sensation in me, a pining for her affections, she looked in this state so lovely, so impressionable, so fragile and small. I began to wonder if my plans might be too full-on. I began to worry that she might not enjoy the game, that she may hate me afterward. I panicked. It occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t her that had txted me.. this thought echoed horridly, shuddering throughout my entire being. Fuck. Shit fuck shit. An intimate terror took hold of my emotion, movement and time froze in a stone cold fist. After a minor eternity, I managed to swallow, in my constricted throat it felt like a golf ball. An absurd reasoning came over me as I weighed up the probabilities. I convinced myself that she would not allow any other to access her mobile, given the strictly personal and perverted content she hoarded there. I looked again through curtains; the sweet and diminutive figure belied the deviate inside. I knew that to be true. This was the case. I inhaled deeply and calmly expelled. In this moment of clarity I figured that she would immediately let me know if I wasn’t wanted, if some mistake had been made. I vowed to give her the safe word once she had been sufficiently immobilised. After that point she would have the ability to go out the same chicken gate I had wrestled with walking through. 
Content in this, I checked my watch, time to move.


Cheeky Minx said...

"The sweet and diminutive figure belied the deviate inside..." I suspect this - and the very nature of this 'game' - are the very reasons your heart is thudding your chest. I know they are a large part of my own racing pulse. That and the intensely erotic view of your body from below.

One last thing: more please, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

Yes Cheeky Minx. You've read me extremely well indeed.

And if, in you, in some small way, I can help contribute such a thumping beat, then I am honoured.

And CM, since you asked so nicely..