Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Role Play
Warning Bells..
So it's beginning to take shape. I sent C a message last night.. which read:
'This is your 48 hour notice. X'
To which came a hasty reply:
"Yay. bout time. xxx"

I've taken a couple of days off to plan the event in detail, as well as a day off on Thursday to recover. I have gathered together everything I need and more. I'm hoping I've not left anything out. I've invested in a lovely restraint system, and have tested it's strength. Solid. She will not be getting out of that in a hurry. I have enough rope to bind her limbs and tether her to any immovable object. Gaffa tape and thick cable ties will be used initially, for the abduction phase. I've a box to protect my bits, and a butchers mesh glove to use while gagging. I have a couple of gags, one to stop her from shouting (which I'm not expecting to have to use but will readily do so) and another ring gag, large enough to drive my hardest erection through entirely (this will most definitely be used). The van has been prepped with my camping futon, which will make the journey in the confined darkness a little more comfortable.
I'm also packing several tools to use on her, I want to make sure she feels properly used. I figure it wont just be enough to fill her with me, my cock and digits. She has other passages requiring simultaneous attention. Lubrication will be on hand naturally, as will condoms. I've also purchased some 100mg viagra which I will be taking onroute. I don't want to get half way down the road and suffer some sort of anxiety. It's not the sort of thing I would usually take part in.. so I need to be at my best, and she needs to feel me at my best.
I've caribinas, locks, a blanket, spare clothes for both of us, and most importantly, a first aid kit. I am well trained in emergency first aid and would never go on such a venture without one.
All thats left now is to find the exact location. I've searched out a decent place over the weekend, and will be going back there this evening to ensure it's secluded, and safe. I'll monitor it throughout the night and time my travels. Sunset and sunrise will be logged. Between these times on Wednesday night, C is going to get exactly what she bargained for.
While I would admit to being a little nervous, it's excitement more than anything that riles me. I'm consumed.
I'll be giving her a safe word to utter at any given point. Instantly respected.
Other than that dear readers, I think I've got it covered.
If you've any advice, or some wicked detail you'd like to throw my way, now would be the time.

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