Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Role Play
The Abduction 
part 2

I mounted the steps and peered through the narrow panes of glass into the house. The light in the kitchen was on and I could see a slipper clad pair of feet protruding out from underneath the table. They were of the feminine variety. I figured they belonged to C’s flatmate, Heike. A very attractive Scandinavian girl who was always admired and often pursued by the multitudes on the scene. 
I felt a flush of embarrassment wash over me. What would she think?
I didn’t dwell on it, I hadn’t the time. 
I tried the handle and it gave way. My pulse spiked as the door budged. I opened it silently and stepped inside. The air was awash with the deeply rich scent of freshly ground coffee, espresso. There’s nothing quite like it. I stepped awkwardly down the hall, my eyes fixed firmly on the feet beneath the table. As I approached they shuffled out of frame and in an instant, blond ribboned locks swung into view. Momentarily startled, I froze, however the strikingly beautiful smile that greeted me melted away any concern. It was a knowing smile, with some seriously dirty connotations. She pointed to C’s room and made the universal sleeping gesture with hand and cheek. My heart rate dialled up a further notch. 
I crept forward and returned Heike’s smile with interest. She scanned me ruthlessly and nodded her approval. I felt an urge to speak to her, amongst other things. She watched intently as I rounded the corner moving toward C’s doorway, I could feel her stare burning in deep, between my shoulder-blades. In the doorway I stood motionless and perused for the first time in the flesh, C, the little adventurer, a sexual explorer, and.. my next fuck. 
A surreal mixture of lust and fear muddled my insides, from one head to the other. I was hungry for this. Now I was ready to take, what for some time had been waved around and paraded in front of my face. 
My one chance to really penetrate this woman, physically and emotionally, was upon me. 
I felt a delirious sense of excitement, an almost insane urge.
I looked around the room. 
Deviating away from my plan, I decided that C would need to be gagged immediately. Any screaming could possibly alert the folk upstairs. Directly to my left was an A-frame drying rack with what looked like a fortnight supply of knickers, and several bras. Perfect. I ran my hands through the delicious array of fabrics and selected a pair of red and white striped cottons. Cute. They’d look even better stuffed in C’s mouth! 
I stepped into her space without making a sound. She was close enough to touch. Her breathing pattern told me she was quite soundly asleep.
I looped the cable ties around my right arm, bangles a devil might wear, and located the end of the tape roll, pre-folded. I assessed the different angles of attack that could be used, and marvelled at the smug feeling of power that enveloped me as I stood over my soon to be helpless quarry. In my left hand I scrunched the stripey knickers and brought them to my mouth and nose, inhaling the fresh, innocent aroma. How different would her heated sodden cunt be I wondered? 
She looked clean. Dressed in jim-jams, matching top and bottom, pale blue flannel, adorned with a Hello Kitty holding balloons pattern. How sweet. How sweet it would be to rip them from her quivering body, exposing her flesh, her avenues of lust, ripe for the stuffing. I felt a surge of blood to my loins as space inside my box turned premium. Best not get too carried away, not yet. My internal dialogue, ever the pessimist, pulled me into check. Some shuffling in the kitchen brought me fully around. Back to the task. 
Looking again at the bits and pieces in hand, I took a few shallow, silent breaths. And, with the grace of a rutting stag, fell heavily onto the sleeping beauty below me. 
She startled, instantly tensing her petite form. In one fell motion I rolled her onto her back and smothered her mouth with meshed hand. She gasped and writhed and my first opportunity presented itself. I jammed 3 fingers in her open mouth, prising it open and began stuffing it with her very own underpants. She fairly resisted, biting down on the glove. It was almost entertaining to watch as the realization hit, my preemptive attire had got the better of her. She struggled now, punching out at me. I copped a few hay-makers in the side of the head, one of them connecting with my bottom lip, the little tiger. She let some muffled shrieks out but the gag was effective. I covered up as best as possible, absorbing her hits. Intense concentration was required, my fingers fumbling at tapes edge, but I managed to land the first pass of packing tape perfectly over her mouth. Any pleasant feeling I was experiencing previously had fast dissipated. C was actually hurting me. For her size she was strong, a brutal little fucker. She did warn me. The violence, instead of blurring my thoughts actually clarified them, and her attempts to damage me flicked a switch. A physical switch. A controlled anger arose in me, stopping short of rage due to my familiarity with C and the knowledge of the game. Still, i was seeing red, watered down, but red. 
I man-handled her through her muffled protest and taped the gag firmly in place. Packing tape was used, for 2 reasons. A) it unravels very quickly and when stuck on itself is more than secure. And B) it would be much easier to remove from her head, as it barely sticks to hair.
She must have hit me with nigh on 20 decent blows. I had time to consider the amount of bruising I would wear the following day, and time also to consider the internal bruising my stiff cock would shortly give her.
For all her valiant effort, the sheer weight and strength disadvantage she was at, began to take its toll. I shimmied down her body, entirely trapping her legs. Without her mouth to access oxygen she began to panic somewhat, flailing wildly and connecting less. She wriggled violently, vainly attempting to buck me off. Aided by momentum, her twisting helped me roll her over, and once face down, it was relatively easy to catch her arms and bring them behind her back. With some effort I managed to grip both her wrists in one hand, clamping down tight with all I could muster. I bounced a cable tie down my arm and slipped it over her wrists. She let a pained cry go as the cable tie gripped. Not so much from the pain I reasoned, more so from the knowing, perhaps angry at the ease with which she had become mostly defenseless. 
I checked the tie, it was tight enough without pinching too much.
It was almost a formality now. I copped a couple of heels to the back, but most of the fight had been removed from C. She was breathing heavily through flared nostrils, not yet adjusted to her predicament. I slid down the back of her legs, my weight far too much to budge. I spun around and swiftly landed the killer blow by tightening a tie around her ankles. Gotcha. You are mine now. 
I caught my breath and turned back to face her. I propped up on my knees and turned her over, sunny side up. She didn’t look at all happy and was struggling still. I sat on her thighs and leaned down into her breathing space, smiling what I could only imagine to be a coveting smile. 
I pressed my face into her neck and inhaled deeply. Sliding stubbled face and open mouth toward her ear, I spoke my first words with quiet and assured force. 
“Your safe word, when we get where we’re going, is- Oranges.. OK.. Understand?”. She nodded. 
“Good girl... Stay calm and I won’t have to hurt you”.. 
I moved away, hovering above her, searching deep into her eyes, looking for any discomfort, any discontent. Nothing. 
I smiled, and just as I did she brought her forehead up with force, smashing into the same lip she collected earlier with her fist. It fucking smarted too.. I sat up and fingered the inside of my lip.. she drew blood. “You little bitch”.. her eyes smiled and I heard her chuckle..
“Think that’s funny do’ya? ..Fucking bitch”.. I grabbed at her tits, kneading them forcefully, with both hands, and pinched at her nipples hard. 
“You’re gunna pay for that ”. I slipped my hand under her top to feel the warm, silken smooth skin of supple breast, and squeezed. Palming her forehead, I leaned in again and whispered directly into her ear.. 
“I’m gunna enjoy ramming my cock into you... You’ve teased my prick for the very last time.. this little body of yours.. is now mine”.



Mrs. M said...

Oh my! Every word makes me want to beg for more! So dirty. & dangerous! I love every moment so far! How long will you make me wait for more?

both.hands.please said...

All good things, Mrs.M... But rest assured, the dirt and danger will continue soon.
Honoured and pleasured to have you on board.

Cheeky Minx said...

While I couldn't help but laugh out loud at C's headbutting chutzpah, it took you a mere moment with these few words to stop that laughter dead in its track and leave me breathlessly shivering: "This little body of yours.. is now mine”.

Needless to say, more please, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

Well I'm glad you found it amusing CM.. Needless to say, she knocked the nice and pleasant out of me in an instant.

And your wish is my command.. next installment pending.