Thursday, 23 August 2012

choice cuts #18...

Something different this week. I'm going to combine one of my favourite cuts with a recommendation.
The song:

Missed Me
The Dresden Dolls
everyones favourite cabaret punk duo, hailing from Boston, Mass. Surely you've heard of them.

Alas, what I'm suggesting is that you go to youtube and watch these routines, the first one is set to the choice cut and, is quite simply breathtaking.
The second is equally so and masterfully performed to a very familiar track by the late A.J.Winehouse.

You may or may not be into performance art/aerial acrobatics/contortionism, but I dare you to watch these and not be enthralled. My ex got me into it many moons ago, and I was hooked from the very first live performance I witnessed.
Here are 2 of the best. Enjoy!      performance by M.Terentieva     performance by F.Monteiro

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