Saturday, 25 August 2012

You make me feel at home, my raven haired lover.
The sun on my back, fractured heart cupped tenderly in your hands,
my wayward souls lament finds its most receptive audience yet.
Whispered through crazed lips my obsessions, your acceptance and heavenly scent envelopes me,
a dampened jasmine glow, like home.
Where have you been, my raven haired lover?
Comfort reflected in docious eyes, child-like and curious, what is it that you've seen,
what void am I to fill, if any, if it's your will?
Please show me to the window one more time, a vantage point that I may peer inside.
Is this my home?


Cheeky Minx said...

Searing, erotic words, sensual beauty bathed in light, a composition which inspires my creativity... Perfection all round, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

Perfection is knowing that I may have inspired even more creativity in one Cheeky Minx. (If thats even possible). Thank you CM.