Monday, 20 August 2012

the great debate
/Version She.1

Not that it’s any of my business, but I’m going to weigh into the debate on a couple of things, vanity issues, of the feminine variety. Not issues in a hang-up sense, but a dialogue on appearance and preference. Personal preference. And again, as per The Great Debate /version He.1, your input is encouraged and most welcome.
 Let me start with the body hair debate. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my ideas on women and hair. I’m quite sure those who read this blog are of the broad-minded ilk, and I can’t imagine that any dyed in the wool feminists would count among my readers. I guess you’ll tell me if you are, and that’s absolutely fine. But I’m somewhat of a traditionalist. I like a woman to be soft and smooth and relatively free of body hair. The very fine miniscule stuff is of course totally acceptable, but the legs and armpits should be devoid of growth, for the most part. The pubis I’m not all that concerned about. It seems to me that the bush is in the middle of a renaissance, here in Europe anyway. And I like that, it’s womanly and sexy, it releases nostalgic pheromones in me. Although I must admit that I prefer a degree of trimming. Essentially I like the workings exposed, it looks hot, feels great to touch and is an absolute pleasure to kiss, lick and suckle. Whatever style you wear above your lips is fine with me. Landing Strip, Flying V, Top Knot, Mega-Mound or the Full Monty, whatever, I don’t discriminate. But from prepuce to Uranus I like it stripped clean. Having said that, I’ve spent a lot of time wading through the jungle and you know what, it didn’t matter one iota. At the end of the day, it’s all about the owner, that’s where the real connection lies. 
 Now let’s talk about breasts.. one of my favourite topics. Real vs Fake. This is an absolute no brainer for me. I’m a natural breast lover through and through. I’m not bothered by size; they could be almost non-existent, petite, perky, prominent, saggy, globular or massive, as long as they are real. I care not if you have inverted nipples, although outties do add that extra dimension. I like breasts that behave naturally, that fall flat or to the side when a woman lays down, the ones that jiggle and bounce during sex. The soft to the touch ones. Most women in my circles possess the real deal, but I’ve had the opportunity to road test some of the augmented variety and it just doesn’t look right, but worse still, it doesn’t feel or react right. Medical conditions and replacement aside, I can understand some of the reasons behind augmentation though. A close friend of mine had hers done many years ago. I arrived home after some years abroad to attend her wedding and she was very keen to gather my opinion. For some time it didn’t click, I just knew there was something different about her. It wasn’t until she came out in a bikini top that I noticed. She hadn’t gone overboard, but the difference was sizeable. She previously was in the possession of fried eggs, nothing more, and not even free range at that. The confidence boost that she got post-op was truly astounding, and led her down a far more satisfying and successful career path, and it showed. Good for her. She let me fondle them too which I thought was a nice touch, hubby and I are great mates, he was as proud of them as she, so no dramas there. I guess it’s one of those things that is so personal and can consume ones existence entirely that it should be left up to each person alone. However I feel that it’s important that people like me help in some small way to get the message out there... Be happy with what you are born with. A good and loving partner should never define you by your appearance alone.  
Lastly, I’d like to breach the topic of make-up. This is a tricky one. I know that so many women out there could not possibly leave the house without putting on their face, but come on, it doesn’t have to be plastered on, really. The trend these days in this part of the world, is way over the top. If the temperatures ever topped 27*, their faces would, I feel, slide off. I prefer the clean and relatively make-up free look. A little bit of eye and lippy action is great, and very sexy, but carrying around a kilo of product in your hand-bag just isn’t necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the magnificent efforts that the fairer sex goes through to make themselves look good, but it can be a very fine line between attractively made-up and frighteningly OTT. The most beautiful a woman looks, in my opinion, is when she first opens her eyes in the morning and looks into mine. Provided of course she wasn’t too drunk to clean her face the night before! =)
So that's just a snippet of what I like. Personal preference is such a wonderful thing.. It helps contribute to making this world a richly diverse and entertaining place to call home.. (and people watch).


Mrs. M said...

Love these posts.
Hair: It's funny how for so many years every man I knew wanted the typical shaved porn star pussy! I did the shaving & waxing, etc. Ive always had such sensitive skin & that never helped But then when I met Don Wan his 1 & only request was that I let it grow more natural. I objected but he said just try it. We compromised. I shave the inner & lips area and grow my mound (in various styles depending on my mood). He loves this as he loves my red hair and my carpet matches the drapes!!
What is so interesting is that since I've found that many men love to see a little hair down there. Reminds them they are with a woman! Not all men but more & more are coming around!
Breasts: I think god made us all unique and different. Men & woman. Penis & breasts. It's amazing how we can all look & feel so different but it's the beauty of it all. I simply love that I could stand in front of a mirror with ten of my girlfriends and all of our breasts would look different! Let me know if you ever try this with ten of your male friends & penis as I'd like to be there to exam them all! Lol
Make up: its more about what makes us feel pretty. I agree less is more for sure. Maybe if we all had someone who made us feel beautiful it would be different or maybe we all just do what we know & what makes us feel good!
Great post!!

Sexy Smile said...

What a wonderful glimpse into the world of you mysterious men. Knowing that every person has different preferences, it's still nice to have that peek. Thanks for sharing!

Cheeky Minx said...

This is the perfect complement to the He.1 post for me. Once again, we're on the same page, bhp. Now if only we could manage the same geographical locale...

both.hands.please said...

Mrs.M it sounds as if you attend to your bits in perfect fashion. But what I really want to know is, did you match the drapes to your carpet purposefully? If so, thats really pushing the boat out on accessorizing, I can only commend you. As for the exam, I'll see what I can do. Got a stethoscope?

SS.. you are most welcome and strongly encouraged to have a peek. I think some of our personal preferences are very mutual.

CM.. I do so enjoy being on the same page as you. As for the locale, I have tried closing my eyes and clicking my heels.. I really have!

Thank you all ladies for your contibutions. Xbhp