Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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I Heart Sharks
As the long wait for summer continues in these, weatherwise godforsaken isles, it's left to music to convey the much needed feeling of sun on ones back. This trio aren't brand new as such, but in my opinion require more notice/recognition. This debut album was released a year and a half back and recently made it's way back into my car. A track or so in and I'm lead to a rediscovering and deeper appreciation of the sound these lads punch out. Indie meets electronica in thumping style. A collaboration between young Germans and a Brit, which doesn't happen very often. They hail from Berlin, where I was lucky enough to witness their incredible live show. Great stuff. 
Highly recommended if you enjoy bands such as 'We Have Band'..'Bloc Party'.. 'Metronomy'.. 'Presets'.. etc.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I laughed when I saw your presence in my feedburner on a Wednesday. You don't often make an appearance on a weekday, Love.

I do enjoy the Presets so I'll give these guys a whirl.

Just so you know, Shark Week doesn't begin until mid-August this year. :)