Thursday, 19 April 2012

hunger pangs...
part i of ii

While standing in queue to enter the cinema, I lean in, pressing my body into yours, whispering in your ear.. ‘that skirt looks amazing, you better not be wearing knickers’.. with this you push your butt out a little, pressing into the bulge in my pants, looking over your shoulder you reply
“Not tonight”.
I run my fingertips down your side, over hip and thigh. No panty line.
‘So dirty’ I say with a smirk, my manhood stirring with a jolt, its movement not lost on you, the subject of some focused bumps...
“When I want to be”.
We shuffle into the dimly lit room. I follow you up the stairs admiring your sublime form, taking in your clean and fragrant scent. On the forefront of my mind exactly how sweet you must taste. Nearing the top of the stairs I reach out and swiftly run my fingers up the crease of your bum. You barely flinch, nor give me a backward glance. Perusing the room I’m pleased to see it not even half full. You start toward the back before I take your hand and lead you down to the very front row. ‘More leg room’. You greet this with a mischievious smile. We find our place in the centre of the row and fall back into the oversized faux leather arm-chairs, the precise reason why I’ve brought you here.
I cannot help but immediately notice the split in your pleated skirt as it falls away, conveniently exposing your inner left thigh. I imagine for a moment sitting opposite you, and the pretty sight it would make, you there, legs ajar, the outline of your lips just visible, awaiting arousal. My cock stretches a little further down the inside of my leg as the anticipation gets the better of me. I turn and look at you intently. Your lipstick glistens in the flickering screen light as the ads blur into eachother. I fantasize, constructing filthy pictures of those very lips wrapped around the head of my cock, and more. Sensing my gaze, you turn and meet my eyes..
“Have you seen this film before”...
‘No, and I don’t intend to’.
With that your eyes light up cheekily and glance down at my crotch, admiring briefly the outline of my growing meat.
The lights go out.
A pale blue shimmer reflects off your cheek. No others have sat in our row, they never do.  I gather your hand in mine and place it on my lengthening pole.
‘If you’re good and keep quiet, I might let you suck my cock later’. The film begins..
“What?” you query.. “Keep quiet?”...
I return nothing but a smile and guide your hand down the length of my shaft. You inhale deeply, I marvel as your chest rises and falls. Such incredible tits I think to myself, how dearly I would love to splash them with my hot seed. I lean in to inhale your perfume, you shy away at first, before allowing my lips to caress your neck. I lightly brush over the nape and make my way to your earlobe. Nibbling just a touch and exhaling heated breath..
‘I wanna taste your pussy’.
You inhale sharply. I place my hand on your bare knee and slowly, ever so slowly make my way up the inside of your thigh. Your breathing shortens a little and I listen carefully to the sounds of excitement, tuning into your arousal the dolby surround sound takes on background effect. Halfway up your thigh I pause and gently pull your legs apart, a little further, you let slip a tiny gasp as the chilled air caresses your swelling lips. I follow my path back down to your knee and repeat while softly nuzzling into your neck. I can feel the effect my attentions are having, never mind the weighty breaths that escape you as you claw at my rigid piece.
I continue on my merry way, lightly stroking lines and circling in toward my goal, your quim, I’m almost there. I can feel the heat emanating, your heat, radiating. Your breathing shortens further,  your chest heaves.  
‘I want you nice and wet’ .. to which you respond “Uh-huh”.
I zero in a little closer, my forefinger almost sweeps over the outside edge of your swollen lip. Oblivious to everything, you squeeze my straining dick.. it only serves to excite you more and you expel a delicate moan. Just as you do I extend my fingers and rest my hand over your swollen mound, pressing gently to gather its state of willingness. It’s soft, and wet, almost steaming heat as your flower exposes it’s want.
I palm your mound a little heavier, garnering the response I was looking for. You press into my open hand with vigour and turn to face me. We kiss with open longing mouths, the type of kiss that reveals our desire and attraction, the type of kiss that reflects our chemistry, upstairs and down. 
It’s why we are here.



Plz don't ever stop palming my mound, next time i want you to palm it with your mouth though!

Cheeky Minx said...

Oh, the surreptitious sexiness of a darkened movie theatre.

Utterly delicious, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

That is certainly one hell of an invitation JKS.. my mouth is watering at the prospect.

Surreptitious indeed CM. Sometimes theres nothing better than a dark and noisy public space. I find.

both.hands.please said...
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