Thursday, 12 July 2012

the great debate
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Your thoughts dear readers, on a couple of matters to do with manliness and the like.
Matter 1) Recently some fellow bloggers have brought up that age old debate regarding male circumcision. As much as I don't get it (I mean we certainly don't pursue or condone the female variety) I'd like to hear the apparent for and against arguments, as there seems to be a broad spectrum of views. I sit firmly in the pro-foreskin camp. Although I had no choice in the matter, I see no reason to remove any part of the body. I am still in possession of my tonsils even though in my teenage years they caused me annual torture. As for my foreskin.. Why on earth would anyone wish to remove something that is both functional and gratifying. In my experience, it has helped maintain sensitivity and a silky smooth suppleness to the glans. It's also a remarkable masturbation tool, and lovers can use it in a multitude of torturous and teasing ways, techniques that just aren't available to my cut brothers.
But I really would like to hear the female perspective. Is there a preference and why? And does it really matter?
Matter 2) In this neck of the woods (the U.K), there has been a rather disturbing shift toward the no body hair camp. Left right and centre, more and more men are taking the time, considerable effort and expenditure to undergo any number of epilation treatments. Call me a traditionalist, or just plain daft... but I just don't get it. I understand that a degree of maintenance is required in certain areas, and that those who have excessive hair might feel the need to thin out in part... but really, to devoid oneself of hair follicles is in my eyes just a tad peculiar. But maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I'm showing my age. Has the term man been re-invented behind my back? Have I lost touch with the wider world? Is this really what the ladies want?
Please let me know your thoughts on these delicate matters. I've included a photo of myself with foreskin and hair intact. I await response and recommendations with scissors and epilator in hand.


Cheeky Minx said...

Since men and their manliness are my most favourite of subjects on which to wax lyrical...

1. Cut vs uncut: Personally, I don't have a preference and have been lucky enough to have experienced both. I don't use the term the 'lucky' lightly because each holds its own erotic and carnal delights.

Having said that, the sensitivity of an uncut man - the way I can torture him with my lips and tongue, with my fingers, with my entire body - leaves me in a shivering puddle. Literally.

At the end of the day though, it's the lover at the end of that cock, the man in his sensual and primal entirety, the connection between us and our flesh that truly matters most.

2. Grooming: For me, it should be just that, grooming. I want my man to look and feel and smell like a man. The wiry curls are central to this because there's nothing I like more than running my fingers through the mat on his chest or feeling a tickle on my cheek as I cover his flesh in my kiss.

Besides that, I love the difference, the contrast between his hard, hairy, intensely masculine body and my slight, smooth feminine fairness.

So... Put the scissors and epilator away because you are perfect as you are, bhp. So. Very. Perfect. So much so that your photograph has me craving to shed my fabric skin and slide in beside you to explore the contrasts of the masculine and the feminine...

Same sassy girl said...

Was just talking about this in a forum. They were all for "bald eagle" women and "hardwood" men (vs. carpet) I do see cut men, and hairless men and women, in porn photos. What's your opinion on shaved or waxed women?

I am old-fashioned... I like fur, the natural look. Not some prepubescent man-scarped metrosexual. I've never had the privilege of touching a foreskin, but hope to do so, for comparison reasons, some day!

Oh, and yummy photo. Thank you.

both.hands.please said...

You are so very right Minx, it's all about whats on the end of the cock, not the piece itself. However some folk just can't seem to go past the appearance. I'm glad you aren't one of those, I figured you weren't.
And I'm with you too re: the contrast of he against she. It's a beautiful thing.
I'll shelve the tools for now and dabble wantonly in the craving you suggest, and the image it provides.

SassyG, my opinion on the fairer sex and hair.. I take each on it's merits. I'm not really one for women with hairier legs than me, but a bush can be very sexy, as can clean shaven. I must admit that going down on a relatively clean piece is more appealing, but fur has never stopped me. As CM suggested, it's the person attached who nabs me.
Good luck with your research too.

Thank you both ladies for providing some feedback. It's always appreciated. xbhp

Mrs. M said...

Can I please just state that your incredible uncut cock is simply perfect and looks quite delectable!
I have never been with an uncut man as I think in the states it just very common however I am a big fan of the penis so it would never hinder me either way! I agree with CM, much more important whats at the other end!
As for hair... I find body hair on a man to be very sexy. I appreciate nicely manscaped parts however leave the rest of the body alone so I can run my fingers all over your body and see and smell and touch the very essence of the man!!

Caramella said...

Oh please, keep both! I'm never really bothered by body hair (apart from those men that can grow foot-long pubes), but foreskins are lovely.

As is relevant for all genders, hygiene is key!

both.hands.please said...

Thank you kindly Mrs.M. Flattery will pretty much get you everywhere. What is it about the States and circumcision I wonder? Your approach to body hair seems to make perfect sense, and it's the group I fall into, so, happy days.

Firstly Caramella, welcome and thank you for taking the time. And since you asked so politely, I'll remain as is and intact. I'm with you on the pubes.. and the hygiene. Being dirty is good but unhygienic is just not on.

Thank you both kindly for your input. xbhp