Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Role Play
The Abduction 
part 5

She looked so helpless. I felt an urge to release her from her bonds and fuck her, but intimately, with a tender passion. It was strange. But the feeling didn’t last long as I recalled her message stating that this would be the only chance I’d have to use her body. The lovey dovey thoughts evaporated quickly.
I approached her, hard-on swaying, upright, cobra-like. She growled at me as best she could with mouth ajar. Pulling her legs out straight, I sat on her thighs. I took her chin in hand and pushed my tongue through the ring gag, tasting her. Looking into her eyes I stated simply “Time to fuck you proper” and tore her pyjama top open, exposing milky white flesh and rosy nipples peaked atop small, perfectly formed tits. I took them in my hands, cupping them to gauge their slight weight and pinched her nipples, jolting her to life. Sitting back, I stroked my dick while kneading her tits. Her head was bowed, chin to chest as she watched my hands. Saliva fell down in ropes, splashing onto her belly. I plunged a hand between her thighs.. Squeezing her mound.. fingertips fondling her clit. “You’re gunna fuck me” I whispered.. “I’m gunna fuck you”.. she began to grind into my palm. Her eyes never left the head of my cock, shining slick in the light as I rolled my hand over it. I propped up on my knees and slotted into her open mouth. Holding her head down I continued the face fucking, but without much purchase I needed more. I needed to experience the sensation that only fully fledged penetration can provide, the kind that perhaps only the man garners most enjoyment from, the repetitious ins and outs, from hilt to tip. I wanted in.
I stood and walked away, mocking “Wait there”, and retrieved the camera. Click..whirr. “Another one for the grandchildren”... before returning it to the van.
I straddled C and roughly pushed her aside, leaning in to unclip the carabina. She was still in no position to fight, and the restraints and gag had subdued her a little. Maybe she just wanted to fuck as much as I did. Just as I was thinking this she arced up. In what can only be described as a bold attempt to headbutt me, she only managed to come crushing up against my steely tool. No harm done. I chuckled. “Whataya think you’re doing”... “Want some rock, is that what you want?” striking hefty blows over her forehead with my meat. She grumbled something indecipherable. I picked her up and threw her again onto my shoulder, an uncomfortable whompf of air expelled from C as I did, and took her to the fore-quarter side of the Peugeot. I stood her down and bent her over 90*, pressing her torso and face firmly into the purring warmth of the bonnet. Leaning into her, effectively pinning her to the panels, I reached around and gathered lubrication from her open mouth. Rolling off marginally, but keeping her pinned with hip and bent knee, I exposed her fully. Fumbling deep into the crease of her bum, I nudged my thumb in, and with 3 triangulated fingers worked both her receptacles to a splendid squelching rhythm. She approved.
At all points of contact I felt some tension depart her body, for the first time. It felt delicious. She was receiving me. I jammed her fuller, further, and delighted in her moans. “You like that hmmm.. Little slut”. I didn’t stop. I thought about it, but carried on. A little faster, a little deeper, my little pinky collecting her button on the inward stroke. Her approval became more obvious, I wasn’t sure if she deserved to come just yet, but I gave her more. With each stuffing C let out a throaty whimper.. “Horny little bitch aren’tcha”.. and with that she went quiet, melting into the steel panels. I removed my fingers, not wanting to give her what she wanted, and slapped her sharply across the buttocks with a juicy whack. It brought her back to life in an instant. I brought my hand down again, in much the same spot, she rippled and yelped, and tried to break free of my hold, to no avail. I pushed her further over the bonnet, her feet now off the ground, and rolled onto her, pinning her down with my weight. “I’m so fucking hard”.. I really was, achingly so. “You’ve been such a good girl”... she had been. “Time for your reward”.. and without delay I speared into her with a lusty blow. “Ahhh”.. I wasn’t quite sure which hole I’d punctured.. “So tight”... but fuck it felt good. I drew out completely, and drove in again this time with full effect; knocking some wind and a wail from C. I ground in deep and felt her limits, crushing crown against her cervix. Inside her at this point I forced more blood into my cock. The result a sizable swelling in girth, I want to let her know who’s boss. I fuck her like this for some time. Retracting all the way, pause for effect and the element of surprise, breathe in, and thrust, pause, engorge, breathe, retract. Each thrust drawing wind and wails from my little fuck doll.
So sweet. She sure knows how to make a guy feel wanted.
Her pussy now has given in to my meat. She is open, sodden, indeed weeping with our collective juice. Each inward journey bringing with it almost painfully intense sensations, relieved only by the outward slide and following release. I tease her with my cock-head, allowing her a tiny notion of forewarning, before plumbing deep. And, then, from time to time I give it to her, unable to resist I fuck her, slapping into her with fast and hearty strokes. It’s in these stanzas that I lose myself somewhat; The haze of ecstasy descends and control ebbs from my body, and if I’m not careful, flows into C. I can’t let that happen. Breathe. And back to me. Once again conscious, I carry on my fucking, although a little less invested. I take in the surroundings and step outside the event to watch from the edge of the clearing. I’m overcome by a surreal and terribly erotic dreamlike state.
But this is real.
I’m brought around sharply by the ongoing squeals of C as she receives her generous helping of dick. My thumb once again plugging her arse. “Such a good girl” spills from my lips. I sense myself to be at this point, outside reality, a bit like a pornstar might, except without an audience and no cameras. Although the lights are squarely on me, and I want to perform, desperately and just for C. Distracted by these thoughts I decide it best to ramp it up somewhat, time to break out the sweets. I rip out of my starlet and slide up between her cheeks, up and down a few times.. threatening her with an invasion. But that will come later. I reached through the drivers window... Click..Whirrr. This one a close up of my swollen prick saddled neatly between C’s cheeks, her clip-tied hands visible in the top of frame.
“Quite the family album we’re building here”..
She gave a muted complaint and wriggled a bit. It was time to relieve her of these bonds.. and introduce the next. 


Mrs. M said...

Just so pleasantly disturbing! I love it!!

Cheeky Minx said...

You aren't the only one who wants in, bhp.

This has left me shivering...

Caramella said...

Oh, gorgeous. I'm loving this series. Carry on, sir!

both.hands.please said...

And I quite love the effect this is having on you Mrs.M. Long may it continue.

You would be so very welcome in this game Minx. And shivering.. that's precisely how I'd want you to be.

Your approval is enough for me to carry on Caramella. My aim is to please.

Thank you ladies. Your words are fuel for these hands.