Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Role Play
The Abduction
part 7

She barely struggled, if only just to complain. I think having her rear end violated brought her around a touch, to the machinations of this game. And ultimately, we were both getting exactly what we wanted.
“Move it”.. I had a handful of C’s hair and pushed her along back through the foliage toward the light. She whined as the spiky limbs raked across her bare skin, I stuck close to her avoiding the same treatment altogether, and kept her moving. “You did it to yourself”
As the trees opened out to reveal our playground, I surveyed the scene and felt a little rush of pride, a sense of accomplishment. Excitedly, I brought an open palm hard into contact with C’s butt cheek. She mustn’t have been expecting it as she literally left the ground and let loose with a painful wail. I couldn’t help but snigger at her body’s retort. “That’s for your little stunt”.. I pulled her into me.. “Don’t do it again”.
By now we had shuffled past the van and into the glowing light. I threw C onto the waiting mattress.. “Make yourself comfortable”.
She gathered herself and rolled over to face me. “Get rid of the pyjama top”. She did so sheepishly and for the first time this evening was on full display. I stood at the edge of the mattress, lazily stroking my rigid dick as I eyed her up. “No wonder you get so much attention from the boys” I said waving my cock in her direction.. “Such a prize aren’t you”. She kept quiet, focusing only on my hand as it lolled back and forth over the bulbous end of my knob. “In an ideal world I’d let you suck my balls right about now... but you can’t be trusted”.. which was a damn shame. She looked genuinely upset with that appraisal but could hardly complain. “Now, get on your knees” .. she did so expectantly and moistened her lips.. “No, no.. turn and face the other way”. As she re-positioned herself I fetched the restraint newly purchased for this very occasion, and its locks. “Spread your legs”.. C instinctively got on all fours and opened herself for me. By the time she had looked over her shoulder to see what was going on I had squat down and sat on her calves. As swiftly as I could I clamped and locked her ankles in the heavy duty spreader. She couldn’t see what was going on so had no concept of the device that was being implemented.. or maybe she did? Getting her second ankle locked away was decidedly more difficult as she bucked around with mock effort, which made handling the lock a nuisance. Once confined in this device though, she’d be rendered helpless, but certainly not useless. She quickly became aware of her impending predicament though, as I felt some nails dig into my right flank, and tear. It was enough to spring me to my feet, my ribs are for some reason a very tender place and even the slightest prod has me jumping. “That’s not very nice”..She’d drawn blood. I leapt back onto C with a definite mean streak bubbling up from within. I shoved her face down into the mattress. “Wanna play rough do ya”. I took to her more forcefully than I had previously, and briefly I was reminded of a time when my big sister and I used to fight, around about the time when I finally began to outmuscle her. It’s funny where one’s mind diverts to in moments of physical duress. In a more aggravated mode C offered far less of an obstacle to my want. I wrangled her arms one by one, inside her knees, and attached them to the solid steel bar. And now, finally, C could appreciate her situation fully. I stood up and admired my handywork. I watched with delight as she tried each individual cuff, separately and then together. “It’s no use.”
‘Fuck you’ she snapped.
“No” I chuckled, diluting the rush of anger that had swept through me.
“No... this is where I get to fuck you”
Again she strained at the bindings, but it really was utterly pointless.
Click...Whirrr.. a close up of her splayed private parts and wrists locked.
“Now now, don’t be like that”
‘You fucking bastard’
“And you are my filthy little slut, aren’t you?” I moved in a little closer.
“Look at you, with your arse up in the air like that... I bet your cunt is dripping”
I inserted several fingers into her blushing, and yes, drenched cunt.
Click... Whirrr.. ECU of the probing.
“And all you want is a fat dick inside you, isn’t it?”
‘nnnn... faaarrrk’  a painful resignation was all she could offer. I fingered her greedily, with a smug contempt.
“Filthy bitch.. you deserve what you get”
Time to introduce said dick. It was still standing bolt upright and pulsing. My balls rattled like an old fashioned pressure cooker. I removed my fingers and wiped C’s slickness over the end of my knob. Positioning myself on knee directly behind her, I gloated in the availability of her inner workings.
“You certainly look ready for me darling”
I bent my bulky shaft 90* and rest it just inside the folds of her lips. Close to hand was my little kit bag which I dragged over so it was more readily accessible. I rummaged inside and felt the unmistakable nodes of my favourite beaded dildo, specifically for tight butts. I rolled the first few bulbs around my tongue, delivering as much spit as I could muster and without warning pressed the first bead into C’s ass. She recoiled a tad, but was unable to move very far in any direction. 2, 3, and 4 beads disappeared with relative ease. “Greedy little arse is gobbling them up”. As she swallowed the last. I paused there for a moment and shuffled myself into prime position. I swept my hands along her flanks and pawed at her, one hand on her delicate breast and the other on her peachy ass. I pondered at how incredibly fit she was, body and mind, and what a wonderful partner she would make. Not wanting to drift too far from the job at hand though, I reminded myself of her terms and came back to present with a jolt.
“Yes, you are fit... fit for purpose”. And plunged into her.
It was, to a degree sinful the delight I gathered from fucking this deliciously helpless creature. There was no need to rush things, she wasn’t going anywhere, I could simply plough in with all my worth at a luxurious pace, concentrating solely on the sensation. Mine.
I held the handle of the beads to my pubis to distribute the same rhythmic tapping to her ass. It’s moments like these that I really wish I had 2 dicks.
C took it well. She let me fuck her just the way I liked. My spare hand grasped the wonderfully prominent ridge of her hip and allowed me to plumb her depths with as little or as much vigour as I chose. I watched her hands as they grasped at air and balled to fists, in almost perfect time with my thrusts. I listened intently, enthralled by the irresistibly lush sounds of our coupling. It’s a succulent combination, a heady mix, and too often taken for granted.
I wanted to make C come. It was my overwhelming wish to induce a violent orgasm. The kind she could take with her for the rest of the week. Without missing a stroke I removed a little box from my kit. Inside, what I affectionately refer to as ‘my little pink friend’. It’s a stunning piece of equipment, powerful and tactile. I hit the button and selected an adequate setting. I curled around C and continued filling her with me. As soon as I applied my little friend I felt her body react, another heavenly point of contact. I held my friend in place and let it do its job. Such is its power that I could feel the reverb down my shaft and a tingle in my jewels. I fuck her at a steady pace, it won’t be long. I grunt and growl and pant, my speech has left me. I leave the beads implanted firmly in her arse and cloak myself around her. She is very much trapped now, blanketed in my musky heat. I reach up and gather both her breasts in one hand. In tight like this we move as one. I rock into her with an aching fleshly fervour, and she receives me, willingly. I feel her open up and grind in deeper. "Fuck" it all turns base. I pump. She gasps. My little friend has done its job.. and C lets go. She’s unusually quiet, but the signs are unmistakable. I feel her sinews twitch and then rattle as her bodies whisper becomes a roar. The warm glow of lustful intent coats my balls so I remove myself and let her bathe in the blurry aftermath.

Standing over her once again, I feel more in touch with her than ever before. 
Click... Whirrr. A keepsake of the moment as it ripples through her.


Mrs. M said...

Holy hell... me next... me with her hand up here! Where do I sign up for all of that!!

Cheeky Minx said...

It was a very bad idea to read this before work. A deliciously bad idea, bhp...

both.hands.please said...

Yes I see you there Mrs.M. If I start up an abduction service you'll be the first to know. In fact as the initial reviewer, for you it will be gratis.

both.hands.please said...

Now CM, is there ever a bad time to immerse yourself in a little role play? How did the day go I wonder..

Unknown said...

I was hiking through the woods for work today and had a flashback to these posts, the rough bark of the trees I touched, small scratching branches, and got a little distracted from the task at hand ;)


both.hands.please said...

And which woods exactly do you hike through Tori?
I'm very pleased.. and trust the distraction was welcome.

Unknown said...

Yes, the distraction was very welcome, and made for a much more exciting day....just working the northern Canadian woods