Friday, 21 September 2012

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I've been a little bit of a recluse this past month.. it's called Work.. four letter word that it is, has had me stressed. So my therapy is sinking into bed with a good book. Lately I've been devouring anything about the break up of Yugoslavia and it's former state. Not light reading I can assure you, but in the past 4 weeks I have ripped through:

The Fracture Zone
by Simon Winchester
The Bridge Betrayed
by Michael A Sells
Balkan Odyssey
by David Owen

Reading about the atrocities that occurred in Bosnia somehow brings my own trials and tribulations into an incredibly sharp focus. Apart from that, the politics of religion interest me greatly, and I cannot think of anywhere in recent history where such an array of ideologies have clashed so violently, and in doing so, proved how alike and equally capable of abhorrent acts they (we) all are.
On the flip side, having travelled extensively through each of the former Yugoslavian provinces, I can say that the human spirit has endured, and indeed begins to flourish anew.
Good news.

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